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Is it possible for your cholesterol/triglycerides to get as high as 2525?

Asked by Zendo (1752points) August 6th, 2009

What can you do to bring them back down?

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At work, one guy tested 750, and they wanted to put him in the ambulence right then. He lived another 15 years before the heart attack got him.
A good way to quickly bring down your cholesterol is drinking LOTS of pomegranate juice. You should really see a doctor if it’s that high.

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Umm… where did you see this?!

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@Fred931 On my cholesterol test, at the doctor’s office.

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Are you 100% sure it wasn’t 252 or 525? I bet it was…

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I am not sure of anything. I am only going on what the lab who did the blood workup says.

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well, didn’t you read the piece of paper from the lab?

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Yes. It aid 2525…I am going back to the doc’s today to get a copy of it. My doctor uses these guys all the time and is quite certain their testing and analysis is accurate. I may have to go to another doctor to get another blood test.

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Yo Zendude
Have you heard about the benefits of taking linseed oil for lowering and stabilising cholesterol? It’s really worth checking out. I believe that Q10 is also good for the same thing.
Good luck friend.

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Um, what did your doctor say about this reading? Or did he not mention it?

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If he didn’t say anything it would be akin to a auto mechanic not mentioning that all four tires are flat but clearly more serious.

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