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What does Obama stand to gain from reforming Health Care?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) August 12th, 2009

I am not here to have a political discussion. I am simple asking to understand. In this whole debate, that one point has simply escaped me. Maybe it is not even relevant. But, I still wonder, what is he getting out of of all this?

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I don’t think Obama is doing this for personal gain.

Also, you can’t ask a political question and expect it not to be discussed in political terms.

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He thinks it is the right thing to do?

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I agree with @johnpowell.

What’s unfortunate is that many of us have become so cynical we just assume there must be something in it for him.

Nobody does anything simply because they believe it’s the right thing to do anymore, right?

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I would believe he’s working to make America a better country. Since a lot of people don’t have any health care options, not to mention those with insurance often have to fight tooth and nail, it seems he thinks that having a single payer option would make America a better country, and I have to agree with that thought.

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Probably he’s just a decent human being who would like to see America have a health care system that is concerned about making people healthy and not about making money for private insurance companies.

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He wants to improve the health care system we labor under in this country in which people can lose their coverage in an eye blink with a layoff. Where people who are self-employed have no health care coverage at all.

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I agree with all of the above answers, but I’ll play the role of cynic.

Obama probably thinks that Health Care reform truly will help millions of Americans, and at the very least it will please Democrats and left-leaning Americans. Either of these things will help him win the next election.

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@cheebdragon :: Since when did we start caring about debt? Protip: spending a tenth of the money the Pentagon gets on healthcare will save a lot more lives than the military does.

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Possibly being able to sleep at night knowing he helped change a completely corrupt system that literally shits on millions of Americans while profiting from it.

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Obama himseld stands to gain nothing. The people stand to gain a lot. The rich and entitled stand to pay more taxes. Sounds fair to me given what the latter did to the people in the last few years. Go, Obama, Go!

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Less than the American people will get out of it… One way or another.

Most likely a feeling of accomplishment at helping a whole lot of people who aren’t getting the medical care they need from the broken system.

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Anyone think that he/dems might be pushing this because its the only way to “save” the social security program?

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