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Do you think that the government is covering up some alien contact?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) August 19th, 2009

There are a lot of alien myths and they have to come from somewhere so do you think that at some point in the past we had an alien contact and the government is covering all up?

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I’d say yes, I mean we cant be the only planet in the whole universe to have intelligent life.

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What makes you think that they would only visit your country? They could visit Sweden or Taiwan.

Stuff like this would be really hard to hide. 15 minutes of fame can be a powerful motivator for telling the truth.

I believe that there is probably other life on other planets we just haven’t had a chance to meet them, yet.

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not mine.

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I didn’t mean a specific government

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That just seems like too big a secret to keep.

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I don’t necessarily think there has been contact, but I would bet there is evidence that points to the existence of intelligent life on planets other than our own.

The military and government has plenty of secrets they manage to keep from the public at large so why would this be any different?

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I think if someone met aliens and was the only one to see them, nobody would believe that person. No covering up needed.

If the aliens came to visit and did not intend to only make contact with one person, then, well, good luck covering that up.

Also, I can’t think of many governments with the motive to cover it up.

And of course, I don’t really think it would be particularly interesting for aliens to visit earth. Imagine ourselves being able to travel space somewhere in the future – would we want to visit planets who aren’t that far yet all the time?

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I’m not sure the government is intelligent enough for that.

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@cheebdragon I wouldn’t say “not intelligent enough” (after all, how do you measure the intelligence of an institution?), but I would say that we’re not knowledgeable enough.

In my opinion we have had, and are having, contact with forms of extraterrestrial life, but we don’t know it. Popular fiction always shows recognizable beings, but only somewhat altered from human form (i.e. long “ET” fingers, big heads with slanted eyes, etc.). In my opinion the chances of a recognizable life form from outside our planet are immeasurably small. Look how long and through how many genetic and evolutionary changes it has taken to come up with our form. Do you think the exact same processes might have occured somewhere else? Not likely.

I say that there is contact and that other life forms exist, but we just don’t know it. When you consider that we have no clue as to what makes up more than 96% of our universe (dark matter and dark energy), there’s a lot of room to hide.

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I believe in life on other planets but I don’t seriously believe that any government is covering up and contact.

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I could tell you, but…

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Myths and folklore are fun, but I don’t really think there are any major government coverups on extraterrestrials. Is it possible for intellegent life to exist elsewhere in the universe? I would say probably, yes.

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There are no government coverups of alien visits. Why would there be? It used to be thought that people would panic if they knew of aliens. Now, with terrorists in our backyards, aliens would be a lesser threat.

There are PLENTY of coverups of government testing out new technologies, however,

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No, I think that the chance of extra-terrestrial life contacting Earth is essentially zero, and the government has no interest in covering up what would essentially be scientific trivia.

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You can’t say that the government is hiding anything with any semblance of certainty unless someone leaked. Sure, they hide stuff. But the truth almost always comes out.

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@Quagmire I’d agree with that—I imagine that somewhere is an intelligence service collecting UFO reports from sites like this: and trying to figure out what new technology is being developed =)

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Uh, no.

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No. People point to things like the Nazca Lines and proclaim that they are evidence of alien contact, but to do so merely diminishes our own capabilities. Same thing with the pyramids in Egypt and Central America. Built by intelligent life from the Planet Earth.

Here is the reality: There is no place in our solar system capable of supporting advanced life save for Mother Earth. Might be some microbes on Mars or the moons of the gas planets, but they don’t have spacecraft. There are planets, perhaps planets with intelligent life on them, elsewhere in the galaxy. But the distances are too great for travel to be practical.

No alien contact.

Did I get that right, General? Do you think they bought it?

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@IchtheosaurusRex Of course, there is no place in our solar system capable of support life as it occurs here on earth. Perhaps there’s some kind of species out there that can do without water ;-)

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I don’t believe they are covering up information about alien contact. Are the covering up reports of UFO sightings? You bet, particularly when those UFOs are actually objects of classified technologies. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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There is no credible evidence anywhere to suggest that humans and alien life have made contact.

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yeah, i was just watching shows on that the other day. i think a lot of it is made up and some of the people who “see” things are just crazy and bored, but other things i do think theres a chance we’ve been involved with something from another planet. and if that happened i definitely think the government would cover it up. which is kind of sad because thats really exciting and i think we should know.

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My Grandfather used to work at Los Alamos. He told me, and I don’t know whether to believe him or not, that they received a strange sample in the lab one day. It came in by Air Force courier, but no one would tell them where it came from. My grandfather says he asked, but he could also never find out what happened to the people who found the sample.

It was hot as hell! Nuclear hot, I mean. It came in a lead container about six inches thick, and it still set the Geiger counter’s hearts aflutter. This from a sample that was barely visible to the naked eye.

A side note—my grandfather says he met Hans Geiger just after the war, when the US secret service trying to locate all the scientists who knew anything about nuclear physics. This was a couple months after the War ended, and Geiger was on his death bed, and, still a loyal Nazi, he refused to talk about anything. Or maybe he couldn’t talk because he was so ill.

Anyway, they had a hell of a time analyzing this sample. Remember, they didn’t have robotic manipulators in those days. But somehow they got their hands on an electron microscope (or maybe it wasn’t that hard since the government was ramping up the cold war at the time), and they did manage to figure out a way for remote viewing of the sample.

Something about creating a protected room, with a remote controlled drill, and a kind of conveyor contraption that let the electron microscope get a view of the sample through the hole in the lead container. Afterwards, everything in that room was treated as hazardous waste. I don’t know whether it’s related, but my Grandfather died of some kind of cancer, in 1966, not long after he told me this story.

Here’s the strangest part. He says that they saw a really weird thing through the electron microscope—well, via the microscope. The material in the sample was behaving in a very strange way. The molecules of whatever it was (they never did identify the material, before it was taken away), seemed to be moving in very unusual ways. It looked as if, he said, they were moving in a conscious way, with a deliberate purpose in their movements.

In addition, they could identify unusual “structures” in the sample. It was as if a human had managed to develop a way to force the atomic-level material into buildings or houses. That’s what he said, anyway.

After they figured this out, he says that the sample was removed, in the dead of night one night, and he never saw it or heard of it again. He was also “asked” to sign some kind of form promising never to divulge what he had seen. I guess he figured since he was about to die, there was little they could do to enforce that “agreement” by that time.

Although, there was another weird thing. After my Grandfather died, my family got a visit by some serious looking men in those clicheed black suits. They talked to my father for a while, locked in his study. Then they went away, and my father never spoke about it, again.

Anyway, when I grew older, I became a kind of amateur military historian, trying to dig up as much secret information as I could. I saw that a few years after these events supposedly occurred, the Air Force built the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (CMOC), deep beneath the solid granite of Cheyenne Mountain.

Supposedly CMOC was a command center for protected operations in the event of a nuclear war. It’s reputedly capable of withstanding up to a 30 megaton blast. They hollowed out miles of tunnels and caves in that mountain.

I always wondered if they could also have been using that place to hide things deep inside. Things that might be really dangerous if word got out about them.

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It seems disclosure is gaining some momentum with many nations releasing their libraries of UFO files, and the subject was never as secret in the USSR if I remember correctly. From what I’ve read about The fallout from Roswell, Eisenhower(?) allowed the information to be warehoused by private corporations so that FOIA type requests wouldn’t become a conduit for information slipping into the public sphere.

Supposing there are “our” UFOs and “their” UFOs then we are definitely covering up our UFOs. in fact, I’d put money on us having a secret space program and cloaking technology. Also, if you dig, you’ll find that the Nazis were having some success with UFO type technologies (google Nazi bell), so it’s not a stretch to believe that we have that technology, and it has progresssed since then.

All in all, something like this can’t really be covered up so much as marginalized and discredited, and there’s plenty of that to go around. Things will change, I imagine, when we get some critical mass of belief. Generally, there is a media blackout on reporting UFO sightings (despite the many reports being called in) and despite disclosure being a top ten citizen concern on, the Obama administration moved the discussion to an obscure part of their Web site, so obviously there’s no movement to entertain the notion in the Obama admin. All of that doesn’t change the fact that there is plenty of room for archaeological evidence/theory of alien visitation. See here.

So certainly there is some cover up, disinformation, and efforts to marginalize whistleblowers and eyewitnesses. Witnesses to what is one question and whether it ultimately matters is another. Perhaps if we build it, they will come.

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@daloon, great story. I think we have a shit ton of underground and underwater facilities.

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Thanks for the reference, @kevbo! I’m on it!

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several people who seriously research the phenomenon disagree with you.

people like hynek (dead) and stanton friedman

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When you realize our location in the Milky Way galaxy compared to the millions of other planets more suitably located closer to the galactic core, the probability of ‘little green men’ coming here to stick probes up the butts of Arkansas hillbillies is just ludicrous.

But there will always be people gullible enough to believe advanced alien civilizations coming to earth to use us as scientific experiments.

Where is the extraordinary evidence to these extraordinary claims? Where, no where. It’s more fantasy for the paranoid types. I say that there are other forms of life in the universe, but as for them coming here, the probablility is nil. Makes for a nice fantasy for the people with no real concept of the immense distances between the different habitable planets.

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No, but we do love a good conspiracy.

And, we do love Sci-Fi.

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honestly you have to look at the motivation.

why would they? what purpose would it serve? nearly every country has reported UFO sightings, so that means nearly every country is pulling the wool over the masses’ eyes for no real beneficial reason, or the world is full of crazies… which do you think is more likely?

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there’s very little doubt that life does exist somewhere else in the universe, but the immense distance between us and any other potentially life supporting planet coupled with the fact that it wouldn’t be beneficial what so ever for a government to “hide” contact with aliens, it just doesn’t make any sense.

a vast majority of Legitimate UFO sightings are nothing more than prototype aircraft runs.

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@papaleo They would need to actually know something to be considered Knowledgeable. unless you want to say “The government really knows how to fuck things up!”

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Are we talking about communication or visits? Lets just assume some primitive form of communications was used by the aliens and we were able to pick up that signal around 40 years ago. Let’s just say ‘we’ did decide to respond to it. Wouldn’t the response still be traveling the galaxy on its way back to the aliens? Maybe the aliens are just about now finding out their pizza order was not understood by us.

Imagine there once was some contact but humanity has forgotten. Maybe because the information was so top secret that it died with 1 or 2 people. That would be creepy.

@daloon get in contact with hollywood, I read your grandfather’s story in one breath :)

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@Inked_up_chic Just because theres more intelligent life in the universe doesn’t mean that they have reached our home planet. The distances between intelligent civilizations are very vast (because the universe is so big) so it is doubtful that aliens could have reached us.

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Yea, I think so, but why would aliens fly millions of miles to earth to make a u turn and so that people can take out of focus photos of grey aliens with big heads?

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“1 There is overwhelming evidence(credible testimony, analyses of documents, video and physical trace evidence) that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft; i.e. some UFOs are ET spacecraft, though most are not.
2 Some few people in the US and other governments have known the above since at least 1947 and employ a “need-to-know” policy regarding this knowledge; i.e. the knowledge is highly classified largely as sensitive military information”

you may want to read his book “Friedman, S. (2008). Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs”
i myself haven’t read it yet, but i’m going to (as soon as i can find a torrent).

as for hynek, the astronomer, he acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive names: Project Sign (1947–1949), Project Grudge (1949–1952), and Project Blue Book (1952 to 1969); for decades afterwards, he conducted his own independent UFO research

“What I really believe about UFOs.” “I do believe,” he said, “that the UFO phenomenon as a whole is real, but I do not mean necessarily that it’s just one thing. We must ask whether the diversity of observed UFOs . . . all spring from the same basic source, as do weather phenomena, which all originate in the atmosphere”, or whether they differ “as a rain shower differs from a meteor, which in turn differs from a cosmic-ray shower.” We must not ask, Hynek said, what hypothesis can explain the most facts, but we must ask, which hypothesis can explain the most puzzling facts.

“There is sufficient evidence to defend both the ETI and the EDI hypothesis,” As evidence for the ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) he mentioned, as examples, the radar cases as good evidence of something solid, and the physical-trace cases.

2 scientists who for a long time seriously researched the phenomenon

quotes shamelessly copypasta’d from wikipedia

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with the lack of loyalty in government, i don’t think they’d be very good secret keepers. it’s not that i’m doubting aliens, it’s just that i kind of doubt the governments’ ability to hide them. they’d probably try to get something out of them.

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It is theoretically possible, but I see no reason to believe that has happened.

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I have been getting the sense that some people think my post is fiction. In light of what @ragingloli wrote, perhaps you find it a little more credible? The UFO sightings may be hoaxes, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t met aliens from another planet.

Perhaps someone out there knows more about efforts to communicate with the aliens my Grandfather saw?

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It is hard to come to a conclusion when you have direct contact with people, especially family, that say they have proof that aliens exists.

My brother and plenty of other people saw a UFO one evening back in the 70’s. Was no more then 30 feet away from him. His story. And, that evening many other people started calling in the radio station to report the same thing.

To add to it. His story. Some of these people including himself were visited by the infamous Men in Black. That asked some questions and then were on their way.

Even though I consider my brother credible. I still have a hard time believing it.
Or could it be one of those things that doesn ot really matter. Does not effect my life any different.
Or are there “environmental” things going on that we just perceive as Aliens. Like when lightning was once thought to be thrown down by a God.

It just does not jive. So I an considerate to other peoples stories. But I still do no buy it.
When they finally show up at my front door. Then I will determine what is going on.

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Why does everyone assume that aliens would be recognizable? That they could “show up at your door?” Aliens might be organized plasma, or even light beings. They might exist at a level too small for us to see, or even too large. Could there be an alien made up of stars the way we are made up from molecules? Could we detect such a consciousness? We see organization in the cosmos, but could it contain consciousness that we can not detect?

Why does life have to evolve out of what we consider to be “biological” material? Is there reason to believe that life could not form in any other way? Could there be silicon-based life? Could silicon-based entities develop a way to reproduce themselves? Could not aliens be all around us, and we just can’t recognize them?

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I have to believe that Aliens would follow the same process as how we evolve. Either further along or behind us.

As far as we understand things today. There is an order to the universe. Action reaction. Which is a constant. To expect the population of the universe to be like the canteen in Star Wars or how they are perceived on Futurama is just creative Science Fiction with no need to inject practality into their existance and design.

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Thank you, @daloon . My point exactly!

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No. Only the one depicted in the X files.

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