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Does this article make any sense to you?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) June 25th, 2009

Stoned wallabies make crop circles

I know when I get high, I often go around in perfect circles in the grass with a few of my buddies making unique geometric designs. wtf?

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I take it as, the wallabies are eating the poppies, getting high and hopping in circles, knocking down the crops in the process. I don’t think they meant it as perfect geometric patterns.
They make it really hard to read though. Really hard. I almost want to say stupid. The comments are hilarious though.

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Those must be some pretty intense poppy seeds for patterns like these to be created

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Damn wallabies! I bet they’ve been stomping all over the garden too!

Why BBC? Why? That seems like something that The Onion would put out.

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Notice they don’t show any photos of wallaby created crop circles. I can only imagine this is because wallaby damage looks nothing like the intricate and detailed circles we are used to seeing. Bunk.

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Ha. I absolutely adore this!
The comments are ridiculously hilarious, and the article is one of the worst I’ve read in a very long time! Thank you BBC.
Oh, and thank YOU for sharing! :D

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@kevbo : I know, right? They only have a picture of a mischievous wallaby, as if that were sufficient enough evidence. I think they’re running out of material and had to… ahem… embellish one of their own.

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I wish we had wallaby’s here. They are cute.

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Have you ever seen (like, in a movie) someone walking out of an opium den? They kind of meander in a circle—the direction they’re looking—until their head falls the other way and then they go that way. Like a zombie. They can only concentrate on one, maybe two things at a time. Then they fall down. Seems like that might be the effect of opium across the board. “Opium: It’s Not Just For Wallabies Any More.”

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And here I thought crop circles were from cows eating the “medicinal” marijuana and then making circles in the wheat fields. Its amazing what marsupials can do compared to placental mammals.

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Dude… awesome…

the pure fact that someone tried this gives me hope for humanity…

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Of course! Wallabies are aliens!

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Ha. That’s gold. Lara Giddings is a tool.

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One of my relatives, who was once married to a Zambian, says that a drunk elephant is a most amazing sight. She did not elaborate. It seems that in many homes, women brew beer. While it is fermenting in a hut outside the main dwelling, occasionally it is raided by a wandering elephant, attracted by the smell.

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