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Do you think if we took abortion off of the table people would vote very differently?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) August 19th, 2009

A close friend of mine is pro-life but votes Democrat. She argues that this one issue is the main reason for why people vote as they do. It made me wonder if this is really true. I know so many people who are fiscally conservative and socially liberal who agree on 90% of issues, yet half of them vote and identify Republican and the other half Democrat. What are your thoughts?

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Relatives of mine (a couple) do not focus on politics and vote Republican simply because they are pro-life, and presumably they do so because of their Catholic faith.

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I believe there are very few one issue people. Evangelicals which comprise 10% of the population make up the majority of these voters and not even all of them are single issue voters. Yes, they exist, but it’s not a half/half split, most people evaluate all issues and make what they think is the best overall decision.

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I’ve considered voting Republican because of the abortion issue, to be honest. Except with people like Sarah Palin on the ticket, it’s easier to let that issue slide a bit and vote Democrat.

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I am conservative in my own actions (I am pro-life – lots of reasons, but religion has NOTHING to do with it) but I usually vote as a democrat as my liberal views go way beyond that one issue. You probably already deduced that if I wouldn’t vote Republican based on that one issue, I certainly wouldn’t vote Republican without that issue. I haven’t really read up on statistics, but while I am sure there are people that would have made a different vote based on this issue, I don’t think that there would be enough people changing that if would have affected the election outcome.

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The Republicans would have to drop a lot more than that platform for me to even consider voting for one.

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I tend to vote based on ecological reasons, so not I.

Some people talk like they might vote differently (the only examples I can think of are pro-life Christians), though I’m not sure they really would.

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In my family there are a few people who will vote for the pro-life candidate no matter how much they disagree with him or her on all other issues.

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I am pro-choice but typically vote Republican.

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The man who was in a large part responsible (along with my dad) for helping me shape my liberal views of the world has gradually drifted to the political right, with the pro-life issue bas the single
issue that started that drift.

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