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Which next-gen gaming console will debut next?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) August 19th, 2009

The next Microsoft Xbox? The next Sony Playstation? The next Nintendo?

What will they be called? Xbox Natal? Playstation 4, Nintendo Nuu?

What new features will they have? How will the controllers look, if any? How much better can the graphics get? Which one will you purchase and for how much?

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What ever it is, it better be good at playing without me.
I have too much else to do.

My xbox cost me 6 months of my life.

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In all likelihood they’ll be released all at the same time, all close to Christmas, and they’ll all include some sort of motion-capture gimmick. Sony and Microsoft will probably stick to something a little more inside-the-box to appeal to American gamers, with Nintendo doing something quirky to appeal to children and the Japanese. Main new feature? Games that are close enough to reality to be immersive but far enough to be entertaining.

I’ll buy neither, I like PC gaming.

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Playstation 4. Sony screwed up badly with the PS3. It was late, it was over priced and it doesn’t have as much developer support as the xbox. My bet is they want to get on to the next iteration as soon as possible so they can reclaim their crown.

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Xbox 720 for the win! I want the same features it’s packing on. Plus natal, way thinner, biggger hard drives, blu-Ray drive, same controller, wireless Internet built in and a very low failure rate.

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@willbrawn And would like it to be delivered by a unicorn…..

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I think xbox will be the first to release.

I’d like to see them keep the same controllers and such, and the hard drives aren’t bad.

But I’d like to see a built in internet connection and HD/blu ray drive.

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All 3 giants and their respective companies (Xbox, PS3, Wii; Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) Are trying to work together in some form in order to keep each other’s sales as an average as high as possible. Right now, its better for the gaming industry if they try to keep what they have on the market right now out there for as long as possible. If we had already switched to 720s and PS4s, then all that money spent in developing the earlier consoles, making games for each one, etc. will be thrown away. They also try to release at the same time, so that potential customers don’t hesitate to make purchases.

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None right now, none in the next 3–5 years I would say.

Xbox is looking to hold onto market with its 360 (and with 50% failure rate, trust me, they can’t afford to even THINK about the next generation) by introducing the Natal features via an additional set you purchase, likely.

PlayStation is just releasing their PS3 Slim, they have been simply too expensive to reproduce its dominance of the market as it did with the PS2. The slim will help them save money on their cost of unit, but by far they are still the most expensive and smallest revenue of the three, so they’re not looking to make a new console yet at all. Their PSP is doing quite nicely though, and the update they’ve made to that will help immensely.

Nintendo is doing just fine with the Wii and the DS. While it’s not as much of a hardcore console as the Gamecube was, it is still quite suitable, as sales of Galaxy and Smash Bros etc show! More importantly, Nintendo has always made a profit off of their console from Day 1, which was untrue for MS and Sony. So Nintendo doesn’t really need to innovate a new console at this time.

I think we will be seeing more micro updates to the consoles for quite a number of years before we start hearing of the next units in development. Plus there are other competitors to the video game landscape which may be causing the companies to hesitate in inventing a next generation which may be useless (I’m talking about OnLive and other “streaming media options” where having a console may never be needed).

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So far we have Project natal and the new PSP go. Thats it in terms of near future.

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The Xbox Natal is going to be an addition to the current Xbox 360. Natal is not a new console. ;)

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Natal looks cool but it seems like something that I wouldn’t enjoy for a long time and go back to the controller. I am also very interested in those Playstation Wands (or whatever they’re called). It seems like a Wii copy but the wands have sub pixel accuracy. And the games won’t all be family friendly.

I am very interested to see how the Playstation will turn out in the future. I love the XBox but I just can’t take the problems anymore.

Sony Motion Controller. Definately worth checking out.

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i think that xbox will launch a console first, but i have heard that microsoft will make it so that you can get an update, and you will be able to play live with people from natal, 720, or 360. I have heard all of this because i am an MLG administrator.

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