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Should I go to College for Nursing,Psychology or Social Work---Confused--?

Asked by Skies_the_limit (1points) August 21st, 2009

Hey. I’m currently attending college and my major is Human Services (AS degree). My original plan was to get my A.S in Human Services just as as introduction to my long term career (Psychology or Social Work). I have a passion for helping people solve their own problems. I would love to be a couselor. However, according to my reasearch, Human Service workers make a little bit of money…around 25k anually. I made 37k last year doing customer service so this is a major pay cut…Back to original plan….then I was planning on going back to a CC to obtain my AA so I can transfer to a University and pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. With a Master’s degree the money is still low & the jobs are not in demand. I know, I should not go for the money but for something that I enjoy doing. However, I am a single mother that needs to pay a lot of bills. So I don’t know if I can wait that long and take the financial burden. I was considering going to school for Nursing because the field is high in demand and it pays good. I will still be helping people and I can go to the psychiatric department or maybe the neonatal department…I heard Nursing is very hard though….I don’t know what to do…..

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You’re confused? I am not really sure how to help you make a personal decision. Nursing and Counseling are very different careers and call for different skills. If you like to help people help themselves, what about Physical or Occupational Therapist. They see results fairly soon and really do good.

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It seems to me that you already have your answer. If you make more money now than you would in social work, the only reason to do that would be if you truly love the field, and can get by on what it pays. Since you’re still in school, you have some time to make a decison while you are doing all your pre requisite work.

Try talking to people in different fields to gain more insight into what will be required of you in each one. That should help you decide if the job is really for you or not. Go to the career research department of your college and ask there what would be in your best interest. They should be able to help guide you in the right direction. I think you are a good person to persue vocations where you can help others. I wish you all the best!!

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You might find this site to be a useful resource. It summarizes projected demand and current salary norms for many occupations, including nursing, social work, pt, etc.

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Nursing will definitely give you more choice and money. Nurses are getting their butts kissed right now because their is a natonal shortage and adequate staffing in a given facility is essential to staying open for business. Also, there’s money for education and loan forgiveness. So, you can get your Associates and have your employer foot the bill for the rest of your education.

My sister, by the way, is an L&D nurse who currently works 2 days per week and has one half day of call, a schedule she’s had since her first was born almost three years ago. Her husband also works, so that’s different from your situation, but it gives you a sense of what’s available.

I face a similar dilemma. I’d probably make a decent couselor, but after two years of school I’d be making less than I was in communications and marketing.

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@gailcalled: GAIL! “Really do good?”

I never thought I’d see the day!

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Doing good and doing well mean two different (and acceptable) things. See “do-gooder.”

Read this:

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Oh oh oh oh OH. I misread the intent in your initial comment.

Phew. All is right with the universe again. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Social work is a relatively in demand degree compared to other counseling degrees. You qualify for a wide range of mental/social services jobs with that degree compared to psychology or other mental health/counseling degrees, even on a Master’s level. Everyone wants social work degrees in this job market, for some reason.

You don’t need to go back to school to get another Associate’s degree (AA) to go on to a University if you already have one (AS).

Nursing is a very in-demand profession. If I wasn’t needle phobic, that’s what I would probably be doing. If you need a decent income, that is probably the path to take. You can generally find a job doing what you want to do when you want to do it with an RN degree. That would be 3 years (typically) for an RN program as opposed to 5 or more getting a Bachelor’s and Master’s and then probably making less money.

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Nursing school is challenging but nursing is very rewarding. It is also family friendly, offerring a wide variety of schedules and jobs. I love nursing.

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One needs passion to do a human services job and not the want for money. Some of the most rewarding jobs I had were the lower paying ones. Think about this… matter what your degree is in you will be starting at the bottom of the pay scale and as you gain experience you get pay raises. Would you like to be cared for by a graduate of an ivy league college, top honors (book work only) or someone that has experience in that particular field?

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I could use a nurse about now, that would lay me down and ask me “so tell me about your father”, then put me in a group home.

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Hey!!! don’t worry.. i have the sme problem as you as i do not know whether to chose social work or nuring. Nursing pays more and is rewardble and exciting, and as you said, you could do with the money.. so if i were you, chose nursing.. I am hopefully going to study nursing at university.

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Woah, looking back at my answer, it sounds really wierd, I was trying to create a scenario that combined all three occupations, but it sounds wierd.

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ohh.. n one more thing.. many people have psychology degrees.. they arent as useful if you ask me… if u want to go into a particualr area of psychology, like health or counselling, you can chose psychology with that course at uni.. if not, i recommend nursing…

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I want to say thank you to everyone who has put in the time to answer my confusing question! My mind & heart is really leading me to Nursing. I’ve been doing a lot of reasearch.I can specialize in Psychiatric Nursing; Neonatal Nursing, Pediatric or Mid-Wives. I’m going to continue doing research. THANKS GUYS!!!!! :D

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I wish you all the best! Sounds like you have made some great choices.

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