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What's your favorite cellphone?

Asked by Bugabear (1707points) August 21st, 2009

Give a good reason for it. If it’s Iphone say something like because of all the apps. Include something you dont like (if anything) about it. Also include what phone you currently have.

For example: Android G1 (HTC Dream). Because it’s Android, has pretty sweet specs and a full qwerty keyboard as well as its capacitive touchscreen. But it doesn’t have a 3.5 mm headjack. I currently have a LG rumor. Speaking of which does anybody have any drivers for it?

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iPhone: its the best phone i have ever used. I surf the web on my phone more than the computer. The app store makes it so that you can basically do almost any computer function or game on it. It still is an iPod and I use it all the time for music. It also has a GPS which I use when I get lost, or when I am running to track and see how long of a distance I went. There are many other features. These are a few.

Oh and it looks sexy.

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my att&t neon. Because it’s built for texting and thats the main use of my phone it has a full keyboard (much like half the phones out there but this is there first one I’ve had) It vibrates pretty loud so I know when i get a text. the phone slides so that I can read the texts sideways. It has some glitches but I still like it.

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iPhone. I currently have one and I’ve had one for a couple years. I don’t want any other phone. It can do a lot of useful things aside from the phone itself: take pictures, go on the internet with a pretty decent speed, and there are applications for almost anything you can think of. I love the touchscreen keyboard and the way it looks. It comes in handy when you’re traveling (something I really like to do) with the maps function and the Yelp app. I know it’s ubiquitous and trendy now, but it really is all it’s cracked up to be. The only con for me is the fact that it needs to be charged a lot.

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Oh yeah. I have to second the gPhone…but that’s mostly because of Android. Android is gorgeous and such a breeze to use…I like it a lot better than the inside of an iPhone.

But the phone itself is a hideous piece of warped plastic. The black version looks cheap. The white one looks okay, if by okay you mean clunky and awkwardly-shaped. (And they keyboard! It’s positively evil.) I hope more phone manufacturers get the Android wagon rolling, so something can come out I actually like.

For cellphones that I’m in love with but are only available in Korea (at least, I’m fairly sure it’s Korea) I have to nominate the LG Lollipop. Asia gets all the cool phones. The Lollipop has tiny LED lights embedded in the front & you can design patterns that will appear on the front…so awesome. I’m in love.

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@DominicX I’d say that the frequent charging required is my only gripe for the iPhone as well. If you use it as much as you would a normal phone, it can last quite a long time. The problem is, the phone is so damn useful that you end up using it as much as you would a very compact laptop, which is turn makes it last only about a day. It can do an extraordinary amount of useful things, which I love, but it also means I spend way too much time looking at its small screen, then getting pissed off when i see the battery bar start to drop.

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My favorite cell phone is the one with the grammar checker that knows the difference between “you’re” the contraction and “your” the possessive.

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this is ghetto but the LG vx 8300 i think it is. that phone is the shit, i’ve had it for 3 years on and off…i lose my phones a lot…and it is just the perfect phone. i’ve had fancier phones…not the iphone but i had the voyager for a while but it was too high tech and unnecessary even though i did like the keyboard but it got awful service and so i went back to my old phone and we’ve been living happily ever after since. it just fits into my hand beautifully. lol.

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I still love my v3 RAZR. So small and light and does exactly the thing I bought it for: make phone calls.

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For those of you having problems with your iPhone battery… can adjust your settings to make the battery last a lot longer. For the mail, set it so you have to manually push the mail instead of having the phone do it automatically. And, turn down the brightness when it is not needed. Indoors you can set it at less than half way and it is still adequate.
I’m playing on it phone all day long and never have a problem with the length of the charge.

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Being the non-conformist, I really like my Palm Pre. I have unlimited data, navigation, GPS, and multitasking. It does great with my Facebook, LinkedIn, and e-mail accounts. Unfortunately the App Store is pretty lame – only 35 apps available :(.

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@RocketGuy I’m sorry, but the Palm Pre is reserved for albino women with no eyebrows.

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Im not liking the palm pre’s keyboard. it its a nice phone though. And to all the Iphone users, if you had an android phone you could get all you’re apps for free and they would be much faster. Also I dont know about you but I’m really sick of touchscreen keyboards.

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I love the touchscreen keyboard!

(I didn’t think I would at first, but I ended up liking it a lot).

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iPhone of course. LOVE it.

That said before my iPhone i had 5 Samsung phones in a row. I like Samsung because they understand that a cellphone isn’t just an electronic device.

Electronically Samsung’s interfaces are attractive and have a PC like logic.

But they’re mechanically superior too. They bother to make the flip or slide smooth and durable. Fit and finish is satisfying also.

My first phone was a very compact Motorola product. I chose it because it was an American owned company and they sponsored European road bikeracing.

The Motorola’s body was plastic, It creaked slightly if squeezed or tourqued. The flip was rough and cheap feeling. The call sound quality was quite good but I inevitably started using the text based functions. The motorolas menus and interface was awful I realized later. It employed the inferior iTap imput method. I was thrilled with Samsung’s use of T9 once I traded up.

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