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Does the little girl with the water pot at the end of the Disney movie "The Jungle Book" qualify as a Disney princess?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) August 22nd, 2009

My family is having a debate about whether the girl at the end of The Jungle Book qualifies as a Disney princess simply because she is the only girl in the story. Opinions?

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She has to be the main girl.

The girl in the upcoming ‘The Princess and the Frog’ movie, though…I believe Disney intends for her to become another Disney princess, mostly because their execs realized they didn’t have enough diversity in their princess lineup, and they needed to be PC.

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@MacBean Thanks a lot, now I’m having way too much fun on this Disney princess website…
Belle just told me we’re good friends and gave me a friendship bracelet… yesssss

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What? Where is this friendship bracelet? Belle was my hero when I was seven.

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If Disney chooses to market it that way.

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It’s too bad she isn’t considered a Disney Princess. In the second Jungle Book movie (which has a plot very similar to the first one), that little girl plays a much more prominent role. Like many current Disney female characters, she’s got some spunk.

Mulan would also be a good one. Not really a princess, but she could kick some ass. Then there’s Pocahontas, and that gypsy girl from Hunchback of Notre Dame. Seems like the most resourceful and independent Disney ladies just aren’t princess material.

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she’s not one of the trademarked disney princesses (they’re there own kind of brand sort of) I got in an argument over how many disney princess there were. The diney princeses are
Snow white
Mulan is technically a Disney princess (that’s the one we argued over)

tiana from the princess and the frog and Rapunzel will soon be added

Sometimes alice is lumped in with them but i don’t know why

But no the girl from the jungle book is not part of the group . . . but maybe she’ll be added one day

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Personally, I don’t think she qualifies, but my brother is arguing that she fits the archetype and role of all the other princesses, which I think is still bullshit. I’m of the opinion that she is less of a princess than Nala from The Lion King is, but we’re arguing about that too. I think it’s mostly because that little girl really isn’t in the movie, except right there at the end.

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Her role, if there was one, in the original book might give additional clues.

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Wow, I just checked out that Disney Princess site and learned that Pocahontas and Mulan did make the cut. Somehow I missed that, maybe because my daughter was never really into those things. When I see Princess stuff at the store, it usually features the Snow White and Cinderella type Princesses. Yout learn something new each day!

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The girl in the Jungle Book is not an integral part of the story. Therefore, she doesn’t rank in the Princess category, which could be more accurately called “Lead Females from Big Hits.”

@MissAusten “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” wasn’t as big of a hit as the other movies that have official Princesses. I think that movies first have to be hits/classics before they commit to heavy marketing.

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@MissAusten they always leave out pocahantas and mulan and usually jasmine too! go figure, they’re the only princesses that aren’t white… |: jasmine’s always been my favourite, so i guess i’m pretty resentful :p

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@tiffyandthewall Uh… Those are considered in the category. The thing with them is that their outfits are less pretty and poofy than the dresses that the other princesses wear and that makes them less marketable in the merchandise area.

Although I did have a pair of PJs back in the day that was pretty much a Jasmine outfit… :D

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But Mulan and Jasmine are the awesome ones! Hello, unique sense of style? The rest of the princesses all follow the trends.

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I liked Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it was pretty dark. That might be why isn’t so popular.

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@tiffyandthewall: Jasmine is SO my favorite too. I just like how thick her hair was and that cool jewel headband thing she wears. So perdy.

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Probably, there are implications, the circle of life thing, you know, that’s going to be Mogli’s woman.

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