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Synopsis of the film "Basquiat"?

Asked by elhaha1001 (380points) October 1st, 2010

It’s just so hard to find the synopsis on the web as it is an old film.

For anyone who has watched the film, can you tell me the complete synopsis? Or any webpage which provide complete synopsis please?


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You say ‘old film’ yet the only film titled Basquiat I could find is one made in 1996. To me, that is not old. But here is the synopsis for that movie from here.

“Basquiat tells the story of the meteoric rise of youthful artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Starting out as a street artist, living in Thompkins Square Park in a cardboard box, Jean-Michel is “discovered” by Andy Warhol’s art world and becomes a star. But success has a high price, and Basquiat pays with friendship, love, and eventually, his life.”

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Basquiat was a weird fellow with poor impulse control. He would do things like whip out a wide paint brush and spread paint on his girlfriend’s dress. I think this film did a reasonable job of representing his brief life and strangeness in a fairly non judgmental way. It’s an open question as to whether there was really any talent there, but he certainly did make a big, though short, splash. It’s not particularly fun, nor pretty, to watch.

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There’s also a new film about him called “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child” which is quite interesting. It paints him as an improtant artist of his time and shows documentary footage of his life and work. You can find a synopsis and reviews of it on

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David Bowie pays Andy Warhol. I swear I’ve never liked Warhol so much as when he’s David Bowie.

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