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Do you think a relationship between 2 aries can work out?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) August 24th, 2009

This is pretty self explanatory :)

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Not to me, it’s not.
What are “aries”?

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I think that what time of year you are born would have a negligible effect (if any at all) on someone’s personality when put into to context with all the other factors, both genetic and environmental. So in short, yes I think a relationship between two Aries has as much chance of working, or not working, as any two other random people.

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its a sign haha…
gotta know your damn signs!

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Nope. It’s a physical impossibility.

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Ah, thanks.

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I heard a relationship between a Cancer and an Aries can work out
psst, I’m a cancer ;)

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both of my parents are Aries. They’ve been happily married since 1958, so I’d have to say yes.

Uh. You do realize that astrology is bullshit anyway, right?

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@ Astrochuck : i was hoping it is bullshit ;)

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That’s a lot of fire, but I suppose anything is possible.

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Same answer as the last question about the zodiac and relationships – it’s all fake.

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I guess it depends if you believe in astrology. I’m an Aries and I did date another Aries before. We both went down in a blaze of fire. Out of all the relationships I’ve experienced, that one was filled with the most reckless abandon; for better and for worse.

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It depends on what you think about zodiac relationships, would you rather butt heads with your partner, or get stung by a scorpio?
@teh_kvlt_liberal I am an aries, and my ex was a cancer, it didn’t work out

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My husband is an Aries and, although I think that is all BS, I will say it is scary how many supposed traits of Aries we both have. We are both stubborn and quick tempered, just to mention a couple of them. Still, we manage to make it work somehow.

The worst two relationships of my life were with Geminis.

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Let me go check my crystal ball…...~

Your future isn’t written in the stars dear, I’m Sorry.

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Tried it once. Was extremely powerful, great while it lasted. But yeah, it did end in disaster in the end. Mind you, neither of us could be considered a typical Aries though.

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Of course it can. I am an Aries, and we Aries don’t believe in Astrology.

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Yes. primarily because astrology is bollocks.

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I doubt the being Aries will have a big part in it succeeding or failing.

I do know my sign (Cancer) gets along quite well with my husbands sigh (Saggitarius), and I have a best friend who is also a Sag..they gravitate to me…or I gravitate to them.

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Check out Linda goodman’s love signs and the aires/aires relationship section. It def can work. Great book too.

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Why would I choose my SO based on their birthday?

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My ex-husband and I are both Aries. We were together 25 years. It worked for a while, but I would say that more importantly relationships work because of personalities, not so much astrological signs.

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I don’t really believe in astrology, but a friend and I got pretty into it in high school. I learned that Aires people can be very impulsive, fun, and inventive. You won’t get bored. :)

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