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Ethernet for iPod Touch

Asked by Breefield (2733points) January 17th, 2008

Can I buy an ethernet to iPod Touch dongle?

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I don’t think so. However, the iPod Touch has wifi, so you probably don’t need one. Consider buying an Airport Express instead.

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Nope. No can do.

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I don’t have wifi at school, I could unplug one of the crappy IE 5 machines and plug the ethernet into my iPod, that’d be nice….

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It might be easier to just bring some cheap wireless router and plug it into their network. It might make their IT guys irritated, but would solve your problem.

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Haha, IT guys…lawl, that’s funny…my school is…just…haha, I doubt we even have a room for the IT guys, now…on my quest find a micro wireless box. Haha, maybe I’ll duct tape it to the back of my iPod Touch…

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Maybe something like this that you can connect to your desktop computer and share internet to the wireless. Then use your iPod to connect to this wireless signal.

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I’ve heard that if you have a Nokia N95 you could create a wi-fi hotspot using an app called Joiku.

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yeah you can
you by a WiFi (or however u spell it) outlet and it hooks into you computer.

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See this post I made:
It is a picture of a cable Apple should make.

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