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MySpace or Facebook?

Asked by tawni (2points) January 18th, 2008
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Myspace makes my eyes burn.. And I don’t want to hear your favorite song when I visit your “Myspace” page.

I hate Myspace more than all my family members that always ask, “When are you going to have kids?”

Facebook is tolerable.

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I was on Facebook for a bit, but I’ve asked to have my information deleted because of privacy and political concerns. Both sites are probably equally insidious as machines for gathering every detail of your spending preferences, but the backgrounds and connections of the Facebook guys scare me.

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well, myspace is owned by Newscorp… stay away from there. i agree with seqdeha, both are “equally insidious.”

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Yep, neither! Just say no to both.

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Yet another vote for the ‘book.

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(j/k Facebook)

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I’ll have to agree wholeheartedly with johnpowell’s comment. If you view Facebook in Firefox with Adblock plus up and runiing (with a filter active) then the site will look quite clean and nice.

The only problem I have with facebook is that people like to get dozens of utterly useless and idiotic applications, which serve only to clutter the news feed and make you scroll down through the page of crap to get to one’s wall.

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I don’t like either. I tend to use Multiply….which allows you to filter out the riff-raff better than the others.

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I hate myspace with a passion. I hate how people spend there whole day on myspace. I think they should get out and get a life. I hate wen I call my friends to go hang out but they wanna be gay and they tell me no cuz they wanna wait for people to comment their pics. Facebook isnt as bad but its still not on my top ten favorite websites

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@atr408 I resent your use of “gay.” Indeed, I do not think it is a specific characteristic of homosexual people to spend their lives indoors waiting for people to comment their MySpace pictures. Please rethink your use of the word.

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I agree with TheKitchenSink. Facebook was cool right up until the application flood started, and now there’s just too much useless stuff to sift through. Still, way better than MySpace.

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Facebook. At least then I can have my identity stolen in style!

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Check out Virb.

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Facebook, with the exception of all those annoying applications.

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