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San Diego Area Pet Sitters?

Asked by sunshine123 (202points) September 4th, 2009

I travel quite a bit and am looking for a good pet sitter or kennel in the San Diego Area. Any advise?

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We have used this one and been satisfied with the results. They took good care of my dog.
Fon-Jon Pet Care Center and San Diego Dog Training Center‎
5050 Santa Fe St, San Diego, CA‎ – (858) 273–2266

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I think your dog is much safer in a kennel. It is attended at least 12 hours a day and many are 24 hour. A pet sitter will stop into your house, feed and perhaps walk your dog and then be gone and your dog is alone until the next visit. If the dog becomes ill or barks or gets into any sort of difficulty, it is on its own. There is also the risk of the dog escaping and the list goes on.

I would suggest you visit kennels in your area, talk to the owners and tell them you will be a regular customer because of your traveling. Have a look at the area where the dogs are kept, they should be indoor outdoor runs, heated and air conditioned if you live in a hot area. It should smell clean, the outdoor portion should be covered with chain link on top of the runs.

Your dog is truly safer in a kennel. That said, if you can find a retired person or couple to move into your house while you are gone, that is probably the ideal. I personally would never leave my dogs at home alone with someone just checking in now and then.

Can you guess, I have been in the kennel business and known a lot of pet sitters, in both cases, some very good and some very bad!

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Two of my grandsons and three of my nieces and nephews live in San Diego. I can ask if one of more of them would like to pet sit for you. I can vouch for their reliability. I didn’t realize you live there in my former answer, I thought you would be visiting.

For more information, contact me at the address in my profile.

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The kennels in my area are not great…that is why I posted this hoping someone in the greater San Diego Area might use a good kennel. I guess I will start calling around ,
thanks to all…

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