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Why does the postman get chased by dogs, while the milkman gets all the steamy affairs?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16538points) September 7th, 2009

Both these are cliché assumptions, but why did the colloquial language evolve to make the postman as the man who cannot handle dogs and the milkman as the man who sleeps with all the lonely housewives?

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The milkman comes before the dog wakes up? Or maybe he has a chhese snack to make to make friends.

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Maybe because the postman brings home the bills (so keep him away), and the milkman brings home the vitamin D. (Wink, wink.) I don’t know! Good question.

And this video is hilarious

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Assuming the milkman wears a white uniform, it indeed makes no sence, in my opinion.
The white could make the dog think of vets, and i thought that doggies don’t like vets so much, so why attack the postman instead of the dairy-man?
Or does the dog don’t like it when the postman makes noises when throwing the letters through the mail box, thus disturbing the sleeping dog?
Post- and milkmen could easily be post- and milk- women.

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The postman is delivering bills and final demands and a dog knows this , so to protect it’s owner it will attack the person delivering bad news. Not sure about the milkman, our milkman is about 70 years old and looks half dead in the morning. I will ask the wife if she has had any thoughts on shagging him.

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@unit Ever thought about the reason why he looks half dead in the morning?

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Because the postman always rings twice.

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Thanks for the inventive answers guys.
@perplexism I love that video!

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I been a postman and from what I know the sound of the carrying sachel rubbing against the body makes some/most dogs irritated.

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where’s AstroChuck when you need him

Perhaps the milk reminds the lonely housewives of something.

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Perhaps the mailman reminds the dogs of AstroChuck.

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As for the postman and the dogs, think about it from a dog’s point of view. Here you are guarding your territory diligently and EVERY DAY (except Sunday) some guy trespasses and gets in you and your pack’s territory.

You bark at him to keep him away and every day he retreats to the next house. My dogs look accomplished after they “scare away” the postman. They think they’re defending the homestead from a guy who tries to trespass every day.

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Because Michael Palin made for a hot milkman.

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Milkman, postman? What are they? I go to the Post Office for mail and to the store for milk. Now, the FedEx guy isn’t half bad.

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the mailman deliver’s the bills.

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Uh, who still has a milkman? Are we talking about the 1950’s?

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Well who else can milk the cow in the house dress?

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@jsammons Gotta love that skit. One of their best, in my opinion.

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