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What can I use in place of a hair diffuser?

Asked by Rayvin14 (351points) September 14th, 2009

I have naturally curly hair, but i know a diffuser gives you better curls.
Does anybody know of something i could use in place of one, considering I dont have one. Thanks!

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Using certain styling products can help give you “better” curls (more definition and hold).

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@La_chica_gomela yea, i do use products, i was just wanting more spiral like curls(: lol

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I have very curly hair. When my hair is long I put some light gel or mousse in my hair, sit down and bend over and blow dry my hair upside down. I scrunch my hair while it dries. I suppose you don’t have to bend over to do this, but doing it bent over gives more lift at the roots since the curls seem to weigh my hair down. I had a diffuser years ago and it broke and so I just started scrunching. My hair, which is pretty thick dries way faster and looks just the same.

Right now I have a super short boy haircut with long bangs that I have to flat iron, which is way quicker to style than the curls.

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@knitfroggy i have extremly curly hair also! and thats usually what i do, is put in product, then hang my head over and squish it!(: hahah

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@Rayvin14 I used to hate it when I didn’t towel my hair good enough and it was super wet. I’d flip my head back up and get all dizzy!

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Get in your car, open the window on driver’s side, and drive only fast enough to create a little breeze.

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I have naturally curly hair too, and have found that even diffusers make the curl in my hair smaller and kinkier as well as frizzier.

Even though I have an expensive ceramic dryer with a diffuser attachment, I still let it air dry as often as I can – often with the assistance of car fan on blast during my commute. I also open windows, have a small desk fan near my computer that helps while I check all the news in the morning and I also like to have it wind-dried by the water – which is near my house.

In the meantime use a curl enhancing product, like Curls Rock or Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious and then, if you want something small and effective that won’t cost a lot, try this basic diffuser. I used this all through college and it worked better than some of the fancier kinds I’ve had.

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