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So what is the REAL deal with Direct Buy?

Asked by Judi (39784points) September 15th, 2009

Have you or anyone you knew gone to one of their sales pitch sessions? How much is the initiation fee? Are their prices any better than a savvy Internet buyer can get? Is it a scam?
If you bought in do you feel like you were suckered bu some time share sales person?
Their lack of willingness to give out specific info until you have an appointment and a tour with a trained sales agent makes me leery to get close enough to even find out.

So what’s the real deal?

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For the downside, look at the DirectBuy Complaints list on google.

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I’ve always been leery of them, too. Looks like we were right to be!

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I have a friend that bought quite a bit from the when she renovated her kitchen, and seemed very happy with the whole thing. Sorry I can’t answer your specific questions, but she said she recommended them.

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When we had our kitchen and bathroom remodeled, we mentioned them to the Sears estimator who came and she took $500 right off the top of the estimate, in addition to the $500 coupon we already had from the computer.

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Scam. They’re the same people that got closed down under another name for bad business practices and such.

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If it sounds to good to be true etc…

It always sounded like a cut rate furniture warehouse where you sacrifice service to save a few bucks. The call for location was a big warning. It sounded like they were selling stuff that “fell off” a truck. What legitimate business doesn’t want a lot of customers?

Then I heard from a friend that the fee was $5000 for a 10% discount. That would mean you would buy $50,000 in merchandise before you would save a dime, On their most recent commercial they feature a woman who talks about savings on blenders and coffeemakers omg just wait for January when that stuff is 50% off at the mall with no initiaton fee.

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