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Blackberry vs. other PDAs?

Asked by jz1220 (829points) January 24th, 2008

I would like to know people’s opinion on the Blackberry vs. Other PDAs (Treo, Centro, but not iPhone—too $$, and don’t like AT&T).

On the Sprint SERO plan, getting a PDA with unlimited data usage plus 450 minutes of voice is only $30. If you get a Blackberry, it’s an additional $40.

What are the advantages of the Blackberry that would justify the extra $40?

About my needs: Mac user, checks email on-the-go, do not need it for super corporate business, navigation apps, general web surfing, do not need a calendar on built-in software

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So… you just want personal email and a phone?

The big thing about the Blackberry is its tight integration with business enteprise solutions, push email, calendar and contacts sync’ing… basically “super corporate business”... which you don’t need.

A Blackberry does not excel at personal lifestyle features, like MP3 playback, any more than any thing else (indeed, in some cases, it’s notably worse).

That said, nothing will convince you to like AT&T, but if you’re basing your decision on pricing, you might consider this.

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If you’re stuck on Sprint. What about a Moto Q? Not sure if you can get a Blackjack on Sprint. But something along those lines would probably work.

As Robmandu said, the blackberry probably isn’t for you. It doesn’t do much without Blackberry Enterprise Server either.

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blackberry=$ data plan
push email-meh
unless you’re locked into Sprint under contract, no real incentive there

I know you don’t want iPhone advice but unlimited data is only $20 on AT&T

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The best PDA-Phone is made by MOTOROLA,but they have a lack of software.On the second place is NOKIA.Remember that.

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So you’re saying that on Sprint it costs $70/month for BlackBerry data support? You should really consider moving to T-Mobile. It’s only $20/month for unlimited data with a BlackBerry Curve. I too am a Mac user with your requirements above. The Treo’s are really not intuitive and are built on an antiquated operating system that hasn’t been updated in years. Palm is a company that has not done anything innovative since early 2000. It is a dying platform IMHO. Why BlackBerry? Better keyboard, over 2,500 apps made for it, reliable connectivity, and of anything out there, including the iPhone, it does email the best. I owned an iPhone and actually went back to the BlackBerry just for email. iPhone does browsing and everything else better but BB is superior where email is concerned. Also the Connect with me via Twitter at

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