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Orb-like media streaming for Mac OS X (or Linux)?

Asked by zarnold (708points) January 24th, 2008

I’ve been using the Orb media streaming service for windows for awhile, and I’m looking for an alternative that works on other OSes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I don’t know Orb, but it’s description on Wikipedia sounds similar to what I can do using Apple’s DAAP protocol: stream music from my Xubuntu Linux computer to my mother’s Ubuntu Linux computer using the Rhythmbox media player. The protocol is also used in iTunes I believe.

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I have heard of a program called Hamachi for Mac that would let you stream music and other media by way of a VPN. I don’t know if it’s free though.

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VLC ( has streaming functionality. It doesn’t have a web interface or reencoding (that I know of), though. You might also look for something that uses UPnP.

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check out server runs on windows or mac, and plays in any flash enabled web-browser… and the iphone/ipod touch. Also lets you listen to Pandora, lastfm, seeqpod, lala, etc. on the iphone.

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There is now a linux version of ooTunes, fyi.

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