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How many monitors do you use for your main computer at work or at home?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) September 23rd, 2009

Do you use multiple monitors? If so, how many and where? Do you find it much easier to multitask with? Do you have a set program you use for each monitor (e.g. e-mail, browser)? What size are your monitors?

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1 at work.. 2 at home..

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3 screens. I have one screen with either TV or a DVD playing and then spread whatever else I am interested inover the other screens. I have a forth monitor but I can’t fit it on my desk so I had to give up on that till I can think of a sensible way to arrange things.

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I’ve got two 20” monitors for my work machine.

I HATE multitasking, but that’s another story. I do CAD drafting (amongst other things), so much of the time I’ve got a CAD drawing on one screen, and all of the accessory windows on the other screen. Frequently for editing word docs, I’ve got the one I’m editing on one side, and the support documents on the other.

Stuff like that.

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I use two 17 inch widescreens. Both run at 1440X900. The one on the left is mostly used for watching tv and movies. Pic

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@johnpowell good show choice.

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My laptop is my only computer and I wouldn’t want it any other way. :)

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I have a laptop (apple MacBook), and use a second moniter for some extra screen real estate.

its not that I multitask so much as I keep whatever I’m working on on one screen and all the little monitoring-bits of everything else (itunes miniplayer, twitter feed box thing, etc) on the other, or if writing or editing, the reference material on the second screen.

I don’t multitask, but i do pause and look up at the other stuff i should theoretically be worrying about.

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Oh and for actual work. Edit on the left and view in the right. pic

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I use two screens (13” laptop screen and a 24” LCD). I keep everything distracting on the smaller screen (i.e. IM and Twitter) while all the browser, terminal and code editor windows are on the larger screen.

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@timtrueman That is a good razer model, right there.

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@oratio Yeah I’m a big fan of the Razer Lachesis. I even did an awful joke review of it.

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Since Hubby is on call 24/7, he has one computer and moniter dedicated to the office. His other computer has at least two screens. He also has at least two printers and three or four external hard drives. I use a laptop, and anyone else in the house (currently we are down to one roommate) has their own computer. All are operated on the Comcast wireless.

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1 at work, and the monitor of my MacBook coupled with an external monitor at home.

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4 – 3 22” and a 24” they are in front of me in an arc. 1 in the center (to me) 2 on the left and 1 on the right. I usualy have outlook up on the close left one and my RDP program on the far left, I use the center for whatever I am working on and the on on the right usualy for refrence documents (its in portrait mode). I find it easier to use, the 4th monitor addition ( the 24”) is new and Im on the fence about how usefull it is.

I think I am going to end up with a ~30” main once IPS monitors come down in price and a 22” on either side (one portrait) in the end.

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2 monitor, 19” square, at work. Would love a third. It is indispensible, necessary for browsing and collecting data, or reading on one screen and working on the other. If I had the third is it would be for Twitter and email exclusively. I have a 24” at home, need a second. But, since I don’t work from home that often I’m okay for now. No apps needed, just a good graphics card.

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