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Why won't the volume buttons on my Windows XP work anymore?

Asked by jenlk1207 (440points) October 2nd, 2009

Out of the blue, the volume buttons on my Eee PC Netbook won’t work anymore. I press the Fn button, and then go up to the volume buttons, and it doesn’t do anything. Also, the volume icon takes itself out of the task bar. Every time I turn on my computer, I have to go in and manually put the volume icon back in the task bar, even though the box is already checked to automatically put it in there. I have no idea how to fix these problems. Can anyone help me out?

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Without examining your system, it sounds as if some other program has insinuated itself as the default for handling these issues.

I would suggest reinstalling the EEE’s native program for media management, and making sure that it checks to make sure it is the default for associated files upon boot.

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@pdworkin‘s answer sounds better than mine. I was gonna say virus which it still could be if you don’t try that first though.

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You could always reinstall the driver from Asus’ website that creates the volume feature in the first place.

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