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Can I use buttermilk powder to make creme fraiche?

Asked by claire18 (2points) January 24th, 2008

I want to make my own creme fraiche tonight. The recipe is 1 cup heavy cream plus 2 T buttermilk. I have buttermilk powder but not buttermilk. Can I use it?

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It might work, but you’d probably want to re-constitute it in some water or milk before mixing it in with the cream. I believe that creme fraiche made this way has to sit for a while to thicken up, one internet source says it has to sit for at least 8 hours. If you’re going to wait for 8 hours, you could find the time to go buy some buttermilk?

The other way I’ve made Creme Fraiche is using a mix of sour cream and cream. I don’t remember the proportions we used, but just slowly mix in cream into the sour cream until it’s at a good consistency. It’s ready instantly, and it’s pretty darn yummy, although since I’ve never had the real thing, I don’t know how it matches up. What are you planning on eating it with?

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Yes, you can use powdered buttermilk in creme fraiche—don’t use as much powdered as you would use regular buttermilk, and dissolve it in a little of the warmed cream before adding to the rest of the cream. I’d say maybe use half to a third as much buttermilk powder as regular buttermilk. It might take a bit of experimentation.

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