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What should my resume focus on if I have only had one job?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) January 26th, 2008

I have works for 11 years at the same position since I graduated from college. I’m now brushing up my resume to look for a similar job in another part of the country. What should my resume focus on?

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I would say point up the contributions you made to that one position over the 11 years, and how you’re obviously a dedicated employee for being there that long. Focus on all the good work you did there, and how much you learned from that job, and then how much you can apply that knowledge to the new job. You’re experience is the key.

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Employers never like “jumpers;” people who move from job to job to job.*Your 11 years in the same position is a very strong point; as is your reason for finding a similar job. Your dedication goes without saying; describe your job; get a stellar resumé from your supervisor; show your enthusiasm and energy. Keep it short. Good luck..

(Have a friend proof your typing.:-)

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The best advice I got was to find out as much as you can about the job being offered . Try to find what it is about you that makes you a good fit for the job. Say if you deal with people then put ” I am able and have work with many personally styles” also add working with difficult complex situations . Most of all show a REAL desire for the job because it will show . Plus set it aside and come back to take a new look at it say after a day . You might see things in there that don’t sound/ look right. Good Luck N Smile

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All good answers. I would try to draw out specific projects you’ve worked on whilst employed, and tell us about the 3 most interesting, using them to show how you’ve contributed, and what kind of things challenge you. Treat the one job as though it were several different ones in a career.

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Have you done any volunteer work? Adding that, or any travel experience will help to show them that you are well-rounded. I agree with mikeyc that you should try to make your resume show the experience that the job you want is asking for. And definitely get several people to proofread it and offer advice.

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Your personal strengths and achievements.

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