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How come when your stupid friend shaves off your eyebrows they grow back, but then when you pluck them too much you end up drawing them on?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (933points) October 5th, 2009

WELL, my friend Dane recently received a nice eyebrow shavin’ and they are successfully coming in. But how come when some women pluck at their eyebrows too much, they don’t grow back?

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“But how come when some women pluck at their eyebrows too much, they don’t grow back?” says who?

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When you pluck, you pull out the roots. Shaving just mows off the top growth.

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Shaving is a one time occurrence (one hopes), while plucking is done over and over for years.

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@uberbatman Says my Aunt who has to draw her expression on her face everyday.

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@AlyxCaitlin your aunt is constantly plucking her eye brows then.

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@uberbatman haha are you constantly with my Aunt to know? She draws them on because she can not grow any and I was curious to know why! And @PandoraBoxx answered it (:

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@AlyxCaitlin your aunt has some sort of problem then. This isnt normal.

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@uberbatman Actually, I know quite a few women who have over-plucked their eyebrows, and those hairs won’t grow back. Not saying they have no eyebrow hairs, but very thin and do use pencil to augment them.

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Just because.

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Guys stuff grow faster than girls anyway…if its a female maybe she takes vitamins lol

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If they aren’t supposed to grow back, then no one told my eyebrows, because they’ve been growing back for years. I wish someone would send them the memo.

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@PandoraBoxx got it on the money.

On an unrelated note, my old lunch lady in Jr. High had her eyebrows tattooed on her face. Scary as hell. And they were blue.

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@augustlan I know what you’re saying. When I was about 10 years old, my cat went up over my head, his claws laying my right eyebrow open. When it eventually healed, there was a big place that the brow never grew back. It’s numb there. I had heavy eyebrows anyway, (which I HATE caterpillar eyebrows) so as I got older, I plucked them to even & thin them out. I use a pencil every day or they’d be too thin.

@ShiningToast My sister-in-law’s sister had her’s tattooed on. The color has turned to a burgandy. It looks terrible! But blue??? OMG!!!!!!

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After years of plucking your eyebrows will eventually stop growing this is why now you need to stop plucking so many out!!
If you are constantly pulling the hair from the root there is no need for the root to grow more.
That is why the aunts are drawing theirs on or getting tattoos!

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That’s because plucking and shaving eyebrows is not the same.

When you pluck the eyebrow hair you’re pulling that hair out together with it’s root. That’s why it grows back thinner and thinner and can even stop growing completely over time.

On the other hand shaving the brows doesn’t damage the roots of the hair follicles That’s why the hair grows back same as it was before.

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