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Can somebody help me with my (X)HTML?

Asked by GIFTownP (59points) October 8th, 2009

It’s kind of a formatting / CSS issue, actually.
i need someone to help me with the bug shown in the above picture, the HTML is below:

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the problem is you are using tables. Tables make everything implode.

But to answer your question, seems to be some issue with your colspans.

honeslty though i would remake this with divs, so much cleaner, organized and easier to work with.

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In your second row, you have a lone
that has no content and no close tag. I’m willing to bet that’s the issue.

But I agree with @wenn – this is revolting HTML. I’m guessing it was generated for you by some program. Ditch that program and rewrite it yourself as <div>s.

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The they mean by <div>s is CSS. Look into redesigning that form using css

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Actually, you’ll want to use <form> and it’s elements, perhaps a <fieldset> and <legend> or even a <h1> somewhere. <div>‘s really are overused as you can just style those elements without wrapping them in another <div>.

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I subscribe to Vincentt’s opinion. Typically if you’re using some other HTML elements in your design, there’s no need to add code-weight by wrapping everything in DIVs.

The idea is that you’ll have much cleaner code and it will actually load faster. My recommendation would be to utilize <label> tags for the “your name” and “your email” display, and regular <input> fields for the… input fields.

I would also recommend the use of CSS sprites rather than individual images in order to keep your page load down.

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