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Advice for setting up a Windows 7 Demo station?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) October 9th, 2009

What features should I make sure I have set up and or ready to demo? It’s a dinosaur of a computer,(Dell 4550, 2.5Ghz P4, 1.25GB RAM, basic video card. )


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Your computer must meet these system requirements in order to run Windows 7:

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@doggywuv thanks? I already have windows 7 installed, and am completely aware of the system requirements.

What features should I make sure I have set up and or ready to demo?

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Demo what? Like a demo pod in a store?

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@markyy demo= demonstrate, show off, unveil etc. I found this.
Any other killer features I should know about?

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More RAM would help tremendously. There is a run on DDR2 out of Taiwan right now, so I encourage you to pick some up when you have a chance. Price is going up. Otherwise… A mouse, a monitor or two. You should be all set. Running Win 7 at the moment on a dual core with 4gbs and it’s a rocket ship, but I had it running on a 2gb Celeron last week and that was faster than XP believe it or not.

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@charhalCDW duly noted. Part of the demonstration is to show customers that (unlike Vista) they dont have to spend a ton of money on hardware to get Windows 7. Hence installing it on an old Dell.

I found these.

are there any other good features of Windows 7 that I can highligh to consumers? (residential mostly)

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@patg7590 Oh sorry, I didn’t understand the question. Well, show people the new taskbar and its features, show them the ribbon in Paint and WordPad, and I think that Windows 7 supports multi-touch so I would get a big multi-touch monitor and demonstrate its capabilities with Windows 7.

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You may try Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta. Run this and it will give you a report as said there. I got error since I haven’t .Net framework 2 or more on XP.

Here is Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor if you like to read more.

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I ended up downloading all of the feature videos from ms and burning it to a DVD that loops

@doggywuv good idea with multitouch.

Paint and wordpad are selling points? Come on… That’s just lame.

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@patg7590 They’re not selling points, they’re just demonstrations of the improved UI in Windows 7 (which is a selling point), along with the improved taskbar and other such features.

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