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Happy Tofurkey Day, to all of my fellow Canuckleheads! Flutherites, care to share your Thanksgiving side-dish speciality?

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 10th, 2009

It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and I’m looking for a side-dish to whip up and bring to my Bro’s.

Any suggestions?

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fondant potatoes
….and a side of justice (makes fist)

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thanks sexy monkey

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@jmah do you want my recipe for fondant potatoes?
or…do you just have a taste for justice?? (makes fist)

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@eponymoushipster I would love to try them , i wanna make um i wanna make um * holds temper tantrum till i get to make um *

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ha! recipe, please, good sir.

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@sandystrachan stay calm, otherwise….justice will be served…cold (makes fist)


4lbs (~2kg) potatoes
2oz (~50g) butter
14oz (~400ml) chicken stock (or veg stock boo)
1 spring fresh thyme
salt and pepper

1) Peel and cut potatoes into even-sized barrel shapes, approx 2inch high by 1inch wide (~4cm in length, 2.5cm width)

2) In a large saute pan, melt the butter over low heat, add the potatoes and cook slowly, shaking the pan and stirring regularly until golden brown everywhere. Takes approx 15–20min.

3) Add half (7oz/200ml) of the stock and simmer, 15 or so (maybe 20) minutes. Add the remainder of the stock and the sprig of thyme and cook on for another 40min or so, until the stock is reduced and potatoes are fork tender. Season as desired with s&p and serve.

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i should add, the whole 1’x2” thing – i usually just try to get them as close as possible, and cut off the ends so they stand up in the pan. i wouldn’t go nuts whittling the potatoes down.

also, i often use Kerrygold <sp?> butter in this dish, which i know @sandystrachan can get no problems in Scotland. i bought some there myself; lovely on toast.

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One vote for poutine, here. I think I’m going to make it for “normal” thanksgiving.

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@eponymoushipster You remembered i am from Scotland, how ace is that of the monkey man much lurves for you

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@sandystrachan just a wee fact i recalled. and, indeed, i am quite ace.~

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Do Canadians usually have that canned cranberry jelly/sauce with their turkey or tofurky? I dislike it. A lot. I have a homemade cranberry sauce recipe that I do like, using fresh cranberries, chili peppers and cilantro. Much better!

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Our family makes it from scratch. But, yes, there are some who have the canned jelly. Actually, I like both.

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i like the cranberry with real cranberries floating in it. not just the goo by itself. gives it character.

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Amaretto Sweet Potatoes… sounds really good! I think I’ll try that this year.

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My mom and I both make pumpkin custard—that is, pumpkin pie without the pie crust. It’s much healthier for you, still very very tasty, and you can legitamately eat it for breakfast. <evil laugh> The health nuts in my family go crazy for it. :D

You basically just make the pumpkin pie filling, stick it in a baking dish (we usually use glass), put it in the oven at normal temp. for the pie, and bake ‘til it sets. A normal pie recipe makes enough for two largeish dishes, if I recall correctly.

It’s really good with whipped cream, or cool whip, or vanilla pudding.

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