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Why does my dog continually shake her head?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (933points) October 12th, 2009

She constantly is shaking her head recently and when you rub or scratch her ears, she pushes her head towards your hand hoping for a harder pressure. I think their could be something wrong with her ears. Is there?

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Maybe she has ear mites? Those can be pretty itchy for an animal. Look inside her ear. Does it look clean, or is there dark crap in there?

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Maybe there’s something in the dog’s ears.

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perhaps she strongly disagrees with your choice of dog feed. or she’s just judgemental.

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Excessive head shaking and sensitivity are likely signs of a problem – take her in to your vet for a check up. Ear infections, yeast infections, polyps, mites and tumors are all possibilities. If she continues, she may give herself an aural hematoma.

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She is very agreeable.

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It certainly sounds like an ear problem. Have you looked in her ears to see if there is anything obvious bothering her in there? What breed is she?

I think it goes without saying that she needs to see a vet. You may find that her ears just need a clean. Dogs with longer ears are often prone to more irritable ears and we used to have a Field Spaniel that needed her ears cleaning a couple of times a week to stop any irritations.

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Both of my dogs grow quite a bit of hair in their ear canals that cause them to itch and sometimes become infected. Plucking the hair and treating them with ear cleaning solution seems to do the trick. After a few days the problem is usually gone (though it’s best to keep up maintenance to make sure the problem doesn’t recur). The vet told us the plucking doesn’t hurt, though it may irritate them a bit at first it helps quite a bit. One is a miniature poodle the other is a Shih Tzu.

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@ru2bz46 Yeah. They musta given her rabies vaccinations!

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@AlyxCaitlin I’m in agreement with both @syz & @Shuttle128 on your dog’s ear problem.

Do her ears have an odor to them? If so, it’s most likely yeast. Get an ear wash at your local pet store (preferably one w/out alcohol) or at your vet’s office.

I have one dog that is a yeast factory, one that has ear dryness, and one that has lots of hair growth and wax. Your best cure is prevention. Keep her ears clean, hair free, and dry. Depending on the breed, you should clean/check on them as often as weekly or monthly along with nail trimming.

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My vet told me a few drops of mineral oil once a week or so would work wonders….

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What @syz says. Take the dog to the vet and find out what is causing the itching.

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It’s the ears, hands down.


Ear mites, fungi, or ear infection can cause head-shaking. Another possibility is grass awns or foxtail seed pods. If your dog has spent time roaming around tall grass in the country or other bushy areas in parks, the small seed pods of various plants like grass awns or foxtail can dislodge when your dog brushes by the plants, and get embedded inside the dog’s ears. They are very irritating to the ears, and they should never be taken lightly, as the seed pods can sink deep inside the ear and cause infection. Have your dog’s ears checked out by a vet. My best guess is ear mites or ear bleeding caused by an infection of some sort.

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