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How can I learn to use Flickr's API in PHP without PEAR?

Asked by iTony (202points) January 31st, 2008

I am doing a gallery display and uploader for my school’s intramural’s webpage. But there is no space on the server, so we decided to use flickr to do so. I am new at using API’s (really beginner in that area). I tried some wrapper classes for API, but the catch is that they use PEAR extension. The school doesn’t want me to change anything on the server (using PHP Version 4.2.2) because it’s really old (delicate condition. massive update coming soon). Any links or sites that I can use to learn to use flickr’s api in php 4 without using PEAR.

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Use another library, there must be dozens. I work with the Zend Framework which contains one (and since it’s loosely coupled, you can use it on its own), but I just realized it requires PHP 5.something (perhaps it might work, but I don’t think so). Googling should turn up a suitable result (“I checked out a few of the API kits suggested on Flickr but two use PEAR and the other requires PHP5”) though.

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Unfortunately PHP4 makes it a pain. I just did some simple calls with PHP5’s DOMdocument functions, and it was very simple (and much less cumbersome than using something like PhpFlickr).

Thought about using someone like Nearly Free Speech to get cheap hosting with PHP5? Or find a local business with some spare bandwidth to host it?

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