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How is the Fluther web site funded?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) October 17th, 2009

I like this Q&A web site, but I am just curious how it’s surviving without any ads. Who is paying all the expenses?

Is it a startup with investors? How much money a web site like this size is costing every month? Where Can I read about the Fluther stuff and more info about the back stage company?

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A solid community is worth so much more than ads. Have the right numbers and investors will show up, until then you’re pretty much you’re own investor.

As for where to read stuff, have you tried Google?

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There are ads. You just aren’t seeing them. Sneaky, sneaky.

I liked the ads. I thought they were very inconspicuous, mildly done, and sometimes useful.

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<<< Feels bad. Hasn’t bought the T-shirt yet. Makes mental note.

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agrees with @NewZen but will have to get more in shape before buying AA printed shirts

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@patg7590 Join our sissy club which has a great weight-training program, plus cardio and diet.

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Try logging out. You will see the ads.

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@NewZen :What happened to the old Zen?

Yes, I want to purchase the t-shirt too. I should probably do that.

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@ubersiren oh man you missed it. that was all day yesterday’s topic lol. I bet if you PM him he’ll tell you ;-]

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A secret group known as The Pentaverate.

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Every month I sell off an organ. I’m running out. Frowny face.

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“Frowny Face” lol

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Hmmm… Only Ads?

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By taxes, via the CIA.

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So since the Fluther guys apparently got 600 000 in funding can they tell us how? Did they have silicon valley connections? How difficult was it? More importantly tell me how to get it…..

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Johanna said it

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I hear ben and andrew walk around LA and San Francisco, selling candy bars door to door.

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@johanna Hear, hear. Lurve is all fine and dandy but hard cold cash, that’s a fine thing.

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@eponymoushipster I heard they went round LA and San Francisco selling thier bodies to the highest bidder, I tried to bid myself, but just couln’d scrape together that last $10 to make it up to….

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@sakura if you can scrape it together, the performance is quite choice ~

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@eponymoushipster that would be soo worth it ;) let’s start a virtual collection… start the bidding at…

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I tried to donate a kidney, but Andrew said he had enough. Now he changes his story?

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