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How do I teach simile, metaphor, and personification in a fun way?

Asked by 404cassie (74points) October 17th, 2009

My teacher told me I have to teach the class similies, metaphors, and personification. My class and I already understand what those terms are, so I wanna make my presentation fun somehow, but I don’t know how. any suggestions?

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Start with correct grammar and punctuation. No textspeak here.

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Maybe find a way to tie it into Halloween, since it’s the week after next?

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Make your presentation interactive. After showing them some examples of metaphors, smilies, and personification, involve other students in the presentation by asking them to think of their own examples.

As @poofandmook suggested, make the presentation Halloween-themed. Maybe provide examples of scary, spooky, metaphors that can be used in scary stories. And hand out some Halloween treats to people who think of examples!

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oooh good idea, the block is my lunch box so everyones starving in there, therefore they will be very interested in free food :D

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Ask the class to work in groups and come up with funny examples of each. You can write down what they are with examples, you don’t have to stand up and tell people (always a big yawn). Then after the groups have time to work on their examples, you can ask them to read them aloud to the class.

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Get one table to come up with a list of adjectives, one to come up with a list of nouns. Use white boards and wipable pens and create human similes…as….as… I like the idea of linking it to a theme, be careful it doesn’t get too samey though, you want a range of ideas., just spotted the date on thi one, after typing my answer!! I wondered why people were saying its nearly halloween!! Oh well! I hope it all went ok!

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