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What are some credible sources for Dao and Zen Mantras, Mudras, and Meditations, for the Dying?

Asked by sunya13 (169points) October 22nd, 2009

My grandmother is close to death.

My Extended Family (Aunts Uncles Cousins) are a pack pessimistic angry fools that sap the life force from anyone around them.

I need some tools to help focus the energy in the immediate area during my grandmother’s dying process. And to Advert the torrent of negative chi that will be bombarding us from the family.

My Grandmother is not Buddhist or Doaist. she is Christian Lutheran actually. But she is open minded and willing to pray along with me for my sake at the vey least. She is a amature Theologist and has some experience with Eastern Spirituality, so she will be familiar with some of the concepts and practices we put forth in or meditations and mantras together.

I adhere to Daoist or Zen like path, though i am Slow in study of the actual practices, as i have lived thus far by the abstract principles and self guided meditation until now.

But as i will need to guide my grandmother’s meditations, i will require greater structure then my loosely translated and practiced mantras.

Thank you all in advance for your answers.

Aum ~ Sunyata Rakshasa

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I’m not entirely too sure about the rest (I’m sure I could dig something up for ya, or find a book somewhere around here with some stuff you might not find on the internet), but here are some mudras for ya! Mudras Online!

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Just wanted to say I’m sorry your family is going through this.

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From a Zen perspective, the most valuable contribution you can make to the situation is your own compassion. It will be especially important for you to let go of whatever anger or resentment you may feel toward others in the gathering, and tap into your own limitless compassion not only for your grandmother, but for all those involved, who are hurting in their own way. You’ll have to get yourself out of the way here, live up to your name sunya, so that you can be Kuanyin for your whole family, pouring out the medicine of compassion.

If you feel the need for something to guide you in summoning this compassion, many people have found the Metta Sutra helpful. Vipassana Buddhists use loving kindness meditation, and this might be be something your grandmother, with her Christian background, could relate to.

Here’s hoping that you and your family can grow closer through this difficult time.

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Edit: oops! Metta Sutra

Loving Kindness meditation

Hate it when that happens!

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May my grandmother be relieved of her suffering and the cause of her suffering. May my aunt be relieved of her suffering and the cause of her suffering. May my uncle be relieved of his suffering and the cause of his suffering. May my cousins be relieved of their suffering and the cause of their suffering. May I be relieved of my suffering and the cause of my suffering…

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I agree with @Harp. But, a book that is very great and helps (me at least) view life from a Dao perspective is the Dao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.

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I’ve been reading The Places That Scare You by Pema Chödrön.

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thank you all and especially @Harp

i recognize that at the time that i wrote this question i was caught in the spiral of my emotions as the news was very new, and that i had felt that resentment and angry toward the other family members for the anger they exhibited as an expression of their suffering….thank you very much harp for bring this to my attention and reminding me that Compassion is the correct repose to them My Entire Family


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The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying gives very specific practices on the process of guiding a loved one through this period.

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For sure, read some Pema Chodron. A little tonglin meditation might be helpful. If you don’t have time to read up on it, try taking in something from the moment that is bothering you, or making your grandmother uncomfortable, or stirring up your family on the inhalation. Exhale peace and comfort to them. And be careful with the technique, you are trying to help your grandmother, not take in so much negative energy that you implode!

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