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Anyone ever experience a crazy ghost writer computer virus?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) February 4th, 2008

This is totally nutty, but today when I signed into my email, after I had written a few emails, some ghost write thing started writing words and symbols! Totally creepy! Then my co-worker told me to open microsoft word and it did the same thing. So freaky!! Have you ever heard of this and how did you deal with it? I am also talking with our IT guy but it’s remote. SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!

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Disconnect you Internet connection, look if that stops if. If not, you know it’s a virus. If it does stop, it’s a colleague who’s pranking you via a Remote Desktop-client.

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It is probally a virus. My PC sent emails to everybody in my address book before.

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my co-worker shares the same internet connection (we work from her home office) and she has no issues. Also… it’s def not a colleague. I don’t think they have access, and I just talked to the owner of the company and he is shocked…so it’s not a prank!!

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But do try disconnecting your Internet connection. It’s maybe not a co-worker, but someone else could take over your PC, even if your not on the same network.

Check security settings maybe…

And do a virusscan!

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Are you sure someone hasn’t connected a second keyboard to your computer? That sort of thing was a common prank when I was in college.

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thank you, I’ll look into that! At least it isn’t writing weird stuff in fluther!! the other thing is that it doesnt happen with firefox (not yet at least) but it does with IE

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Cwilbur: I don’t think so. You mean physically? I am in a tiny home office, there is no way!!

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Stange behavior for a co-worker…
Maybe a virus then…

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In response to cwilibur: maybe a bluetooth keyboard if your PC has bluetooth?

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Sounds like a BackOrifice type of thing to me which, iirc, runs by default on port 31337. Are you behind a firewall? If you are, disallow everything and open ports as you need them.

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HA HA! This is hilarious. I had somehow set up my voice activated typing. OOPS! No virus : ) I hope you get a good laugh at my expense : )

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@emilyrose: lol, I was going to ask if you have voice-activated typing or a wireless keyboard.. too late. :)

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That’s the first time I ever heard of someone playing a prank on themself. :)

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