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Best type of graphic organizer to teach expository writing?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) February 4th, 2008

I am starting expository writing with my 6th graders this week. What type of concept map (or other organizing tool) can they use in the brainstorming/rough draft process?

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For drafting complete paragraphs, I like the “hamburger” organizer. The topic sentence/main idea is the top bun, the supporting details are the meat/cheese/lettuce/tomato/etc (however many supporting details you want), and the concluding sentence is the bottom bun. You can draw a very simple outline of a hamburger, with lines within each section to write on if necessary. My students have always loved using that one. The idea, of course, is that the hamburger is not complete without all of its different parts, so it helps students to always include the topic sentence/concluding sentence, and several supporting details.

Is there a particular genre of expository writing they are working on? Is it persuasive writing, or a report on a certain topic, or summary, or respose to literature, or something else…?

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It is a report on Ancient China

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I’m only 17 but i really like bubble maps i remember using them all through elementary and we still use them. one big main topic circle in the middle (Antient China). then lines with the topics within the essay coming out from it (ex: fall of the empire) then more coming from those for greater detail.

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