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What part of the year do you most anticipate?

Asked by ilvorangeiceblocks (865points) October 31st, 2009

For example;
I anticipate summer holidays for several reasons. First of all, I live in NZ so its Christmas during summer and of course Christmas is a great time of year (naturally). I go to tonnes of music festivals and those are the best experiences of my life. I go camping tonnes and its amazing.

So what part of the year do you most anticipate? Your Birthday? Christmas? Easter? And why? Is it the nolstagic experience you had last time that makes you want the experience again? You want to do it again? What?

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The winter. I love snow, and was born in the snow (not literally) and it’s just magical.

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Winter. I have my greenery up with tiny lights wrapped around it. Pine candles lighting up the corners of my home. All of the soft plush winter bedding is out. I get to wear my flannel pj’s and curl up under my Cards throw blanket and watch the NCAA unfold in front of me.

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I love Winter! Thanksgiving Halloween and Christmas are amazing. However I don’t like the five or ten pounds I always magically gain.. haha

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Winter. It’s the only time of year that I don’t need to wear shorts to keep myself cool.

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spring!, my garden sings to me.

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Summer. I do love the long days.

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Christmas for sure :)

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It depends what time of year it is. I always look forward to the holidays, because we have such a nice time with family. Going through all of our holiday traditions with the kids makes that time of year very special.

Once the holidays are over, though, I get very impatient for spring. The cold and snow get old, and I can’t wait for warmer weather. When spring finally hits and the trees start to bud, the first flowers pop up, and going outside doesn’t require 20 minutes of prep work (try getting three kids into snowsuits, it’s quite a chore!), I am so happy.

Then, I take a look at the calendar and wonder why my kids don’t get out of school until late in June. I start to wish for days at the beach, trips to the aquarium, and long afternoons out in the yard or in the pool.

Around August, when the heat starts to get to me and the kids are about to kill each other and the beach is less pleasant because the jellyfish arrive en masse, I long for crisp fall weather and school! I start to think about apple picking, leaf piles, and hay rides at the orchard. And my birthday! :)

I fully enjoy aspects of every season, but I guess sometimes enough is enough and I long for the next phase of the year. It’s too hard to pick a single part of the year that stands out more than others!

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I love the longer days of Summer and all the colours of Autumn. I love Winter for the beauty of snow and Spring for the beauty of life.

I love New Years Eve. for the parties; Christmas for the family fun-times; Easter for nostalgia egg hunts! So much fun; and my birthday for getting to do whatever I want for a day and more parties!

Oh! And there’s Halloween too, but I’m not doing anything as I’m broke for the next four weeks >.<

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I look most forward to Christmas… I love the time with my family. This year, I’m clinging onto it for dear life, though.

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Late June, when the days are longest around these parts – there’s no midnight sun, but still nice to have more light :)

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The fall, I love all the leaves changing. And all the great food; squash, apples, etc. It’s never too hot, and just beautiful.

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Spring, absolutely! I love watching everything coming back to life & hearing the birds singing, seeing the ice get darker as it thins, then going out altogether… I don’t hate winter, but to me it’s a pause in the conversation of the rest of the year.

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I always anticipate spring when the buttercups start coming up the first of March. I know winter is almost over when I see those flowers. Im so ready for longer warmer days by then. Then I anticipate when the dogwoods come out in April. That means the crappie will be biting on Tennessee river.

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Summer. I hate the cold weather, & I’m in it a lot. Summer is wearing light, colorful clothes, not having to fool with coats & gloves, not having to heat the car up, & dealing with snow & ice. My favorite day of the year is the 4th of July. Our town close by has a huge celebration all day long & fireworks at night. Our family all gets together for a day of fun. I love the smell of new mown grass, hamburgers grilling, doors open & lots of light coming in the house. I love everything about summer.

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Both December 26th and Summer.

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Today. I am thrilled to be here now.

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Fall time. I love the smell of moist dirt, smokey smells, cooking smells especially if any of these smells are like those from the small town my families originate from.

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I live in a place that has no seasons. The weather is either warmer (or once in a while hot) or cooler (but never cold). Sometimes it rains, but not too much. I like it that way.

If I want seasons, I can always drive 100 miles or so into the Sierra to experience each of the four seasons as they come along.

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I love the Fall. That’s when Halloween happens, and best of all, that’s when the first frosts kill all those nasty bugs, especially mosquitoes. Summer and Spring kind of suck around here, as those two seasons are when the tornadoes are all too common. Winter is nice, though. I love the snow, but the ice and sub-zero temps I could do without.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Fuck mosquitoes, ticks too.

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Winter! Skiing!

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