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What is YOUR favorite experience?

Asked by blueiiznh (16658points) April 29th, 2011

Most people have a fovorite story or experience that they LOVE to share with other people.

Here’s your chance.

What’s your story?

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I saw a girl turn into a cat once, but people look at me funny when I tell it :(

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Just about any time I am in the moment. ;)

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It has usually been when I’ve been in tune with nature: Watching a sunset, sailing in the middle of the ocean with no moonlight looking at the stars etc.

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I had an incredible experience while taking a clinical chemistry exam. I was doing a problem in which I had to determine the serum osmolality of a serum specimen. I could not remember the three coefficients or constants needed (sodium = 1.86, glucose = 0.56 and urea = 0.36) so I guessed. For glucose I used 0.030, for urea I used 0.52 and I can’t recall what I used for sodium. Any way I knew my constants were wrong yet I watched my hand seemingly move on its own to finish the problem. When I got my exam back after it was graded my answer was correct including significant figures (which was required). I about flipped. I was not lucky for getting the right answer because I didn’t need it to get a good grade. I was lucky that my instructors didn’t look at how I got the answer because I would have surely been accused of copping the answer and working the problem backwards. It was a military academy where cheating will get you kicked out. I told this to my class mates but I doubt that they believed me. It is just too far fetched.

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Happy memories that happen everyday with my kids. I love all the stories they give me and most of all I love them.

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Short version. Boy meet girl. Boy says something stupid right away. Boy pisses off girl. Girl forgives him because she figures she may have misunderstood. Boy does something stupid. Girl gets pissed off again. Girl forgives boy again thinking it is a misunderstanding. Boy already pissed at girl so ignores her. Girl really ticked off. Boy is sent to look for store in dangerous neighborhood. Girl grew up around there and thinks she would feel guilty if jerk got killed so she goes with him using buying ciggarettes as an excuse. Boy tries to pay ciggs for girl and girl refuses. Boy insist and the two argue. Cashier takes boys money saying that we are a cute couple. Boy and girl scream at the same time to cashier that we are not together. Cashier laughs and says we should get married. Boy and girl scrowl.
Boy and girl leave store and walk back to the party and girl offers to help boy but has a hard time walking on busted up sidewalk. Boy says he can help and girl refuses. Boy snatches the bag and girl gets crazy mad and tells boy off. Boy tells girl off and girl sees boy is no push over. Girl hates kiss asses and here was finally a boy who was not. Both agree to make peace and spend the rest of the night getting to know each other and dancing together like they have danced as partners for a life time. 3 days later boy calls girl and they agree to be friends who would go clubbing and 2 weeks later, boy proposes, and almost 4 months later married.
And 29 years later we are still married and still living the love story.

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I’ve told this story here before but it is a story I love to tell, as you noted on your details, so here it is again, because it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me:

This is it.

I was a senior in college and I went to a school that required a senior thesis. I had been working on it for two semesters, and it was spring semester and the rough draft deadline was coming up. If you didn’t turn your rough draft in by the deadline, even if you finished your thesis on time, you couldn’t graduate. I was really spinning my wheels on it, always working on it, always at my thesis desk in the library, lots and lots of three by five cards… but I was in perpetual research/note taking mode, doing everything but actually writing it, destined not to finish. Then Thursday afternoon, before the Monday rough draft deadline, my best friend showed up at the library with a taxi cab, her posse and a bunch of cardboard boxes and she told me that she was there to get me, that I was going to write my rough draft. She and her “boys” packed up everything from my thesis desk, wrangled it into the taxi and basically kidnapped me. She took me home to my apartment, where we unloaded everything and she proceeded to explain to my roommate that she, my roommate, would be spending the next three days at her boyfriend’s house. Well, that took a little negotiating, because in spite of the fact that she was very fond of her boyfriend, she didn’t really appreciate being summarily thrown out of her own home. After that business was settled, we got to work, and I will tell you, it did not always go smoothly over the next three days. My friend was a harsh task mistress, and I almost locked her out of the apartment a couple of times. But she made it work. I wrote out my thesis rough draft page by page, in long hand and every time I finished a page I would hand it to my friend and she would type it up (on an actual typewriter! It was a while ago). But at the end of the three days, I had my rough draft finished, I was able to turn it in by the deadline and ended up graduating that spring.

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I like @lucillelucillelucille‘s answer. I can’t say that “every moment” is so great, but when I think of them they are, and collectively they almost certainly are.

I’m not a Christian, but I’ve taken to heart some of the meaning of the Story of Job in the Bible: be thankful for everything. It’s your life, and it’s the only one you’ll have.

PS: This is the kind of Q I especially appreciate, asking to consider, remember, relate “the best of life”.

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I wrote this
Probably the story of how I delivered my first son without contractions after 2 hours of sheer will and determination because I was so against a c-section. And I think I often share my story of meeting my husband on

when Wunduyatta asked this a while back.

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When I got to talk to someone I liked a couple of months ago, for around 15–20 minutes. It was by far the most we had talked up to that point, and we even walked out to the parking lot together before parting ways…sigh!

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When I ran away to Canada. I LOVE telling that story.

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I’ve told mine here before, too. It still makes me smile:

I had an appointment in a town I’d never been to, and had to bring my children along. We arrived very early and rather than have them bored out of their minds sitting in a waiting area forever, we explored a little. We found a lovely pond, bordered by a small wooded area and decided to hang out there for a while. While walking through the woods, we came upon a large circle of damp soil upon which hundreds of butterflies were resting. We crept up to the edge of the circle, marveling at finding such a thing. We crouched to get a closer look, and they suddenly started flying up and around us. As we stood, it was like being in the middle of a tiny butterfly tornado. The joy that moment brought all of us is nearly indescribable. As we had obviously disturbed their environment, we only stayed a moment or two before respectfully backing away and watching them return to their rest. Just thinking about it now brings a smile to my face. :)

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I’ve had so many that I can’t narrow it down to just one. But laying in my hospital bed with my second daughter and taking off her blanket after being warned not to do it (she’ll catch cold!) was right up there. Oh, here she is:
My first wedding was great, too. Very formal but we both were trying not to laugh.

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The next one, just as long as it doesn’t involve faceplants or anything like that.

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pilot the airplane and hover over the clouds: Simple says

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