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If you were a ghost, what would be a sure sign of your haunting?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) November 1st, 2009

For those who know me well, mine would be a whispered “Up your ass” in response to any kind of question asked. Or if anyone saw “up your ass” written on a foggy bathroom mirror, they’d know it was me…

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Doomsday. Because I said so.

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I would be a modern day Robin Hood. I would be stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. You would know I was there by the wallet on the bathroom counter with a quarter on top.

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I’d be such a lazy ghost. I’d just watch people. They’d never know I was there.

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I would flush the toilet when nobody is in the bathroom. At night. Right before you fall asleep. Boo!

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Crumbs, I leave crumbs everywhere I go. I am so messy.

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Glitter or confetti. It would be everywhere.

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All chocolate in the house would mysteriously disappear.

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I’m with @MacBean. You know that creepy feeling you get when you suspect someone is watching you, but you’re unable to turn around and check? Yeah, if you feel that constantly then I am probably haunting you.

Especially if you’re in the shower or something.

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No framed photographs or artwork would ever be in a straight line or level where I haunt
(probably because I am adamant they must be hung perfectly in my home).
See ya….Gary/wtf

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You’d never be able to find the coffee jar in the kitchen, even if you’d just put in down and you’d find pine needles woven into the carpet at christmas, even if you didn’t have a real tree.

loser's avatar

All the beer would keep disappearing.

cookieman's avatar

Half-eaten chocolate chip cookies littered all over your house.

Dog's avatar

The smell of turpentine would waift up from under the inexplicably locked studio door at random times. Sometimes when the door is locked a quiet radio would be barely audible within. Then it would suddenly be silent and the locked door would slowly swing open.

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The books would be moved, read, worn, and full of bookmarks made from pieces of tissue ^_^

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I would write peculiar and quaint compliments for you in beautiful yet forever changing handwriting…on random pieces of paper, strategically positioned for when you need it the most….and they would always end with a ‘x’

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I’d appear as a woman with six boobies, naked, and whisper life is about choices, your results may vary.

what could be scarier than that?

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The place I was haunting would instantly get messy.

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There we would be a urine stain on the pants of all my enemies.

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You’d hear the clicking of knitting needles, at all times. (The Tell-Tale Heart by Poe has always bothered me but I knit more so..)

And occasionally, I’d put out a “That’s what she said”

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I would completely rearrange the furniture in people’s homes.

Supacase's avatar

Change the TV to the shows I want to watch.

Psychedelic_Zebra's avatar

@Bluefreedom that’d only be fun in a blind person’s house.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra. That’s totally cruel. In a humorous kind of way.

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I’d go around whispering really lame scary movie quotes…

I know what you did last summer.
Seven days.

I’d also do the whole “open all the cabinets and drawers bit”. Just cuz I think it would be funny.

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Anyone that tried to visit a website other than Fluther would instantly be taken back to Fluther.

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The pickle juice would constantly disappear from the pickle jar.

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@peedub I should change mine to the cookies would constantly disappear from the cookie jar.

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@Iclamae Recently I tried making popsicles with pickle juice and grape Pedialyte. I shouda just stuck to pickle juice.

jonsblond's avatar

man! I want fried pickles now.

rooeytoo's avatar

@jonsblond – I have never heard of fried pickles, is that your own creation or have I been leading a sheltered life?

jonsblond's avatar

@rooeytoo A local bar along the Illinois River sells them. They are heartburny delicious!

Iclamae's avatar

@peedub whoa, yeah i can imagine how badly that went. i personally like pickle and cheese snadwiches, but with cheddar or some block cheese.

I guess my ghost form might lower your pickle/cheese count by quite a bit. :D

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