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Is there a story about two young mothers falling in love?

Asked by mrmonkey (51points) November 2nd, 2009

I was watching two young mothers with strollers meet in the bus today and began wondering whether there is a film or book about two young mothers falling in love with each other?

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I don’t know but that would be one interesting story.

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….called “MILFS of Fire”?

…or “Brokeback Stroller”

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There’s a kids book “Heather has Two Mommies” but that’s not about two mothers of separate children.

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@eponymoushipster .......your comment made me laugh out loud….thanks.

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I don’t know of one… write it….......and they will buy. :)

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What would be the place to find this kind of story? Or any kind of story? I’m sure this story exists in one form or another as the setting is so basic. Rule #34 says there’s bound to be a porn version, but I’m searching for something of higher literary value. If it indeed does not exists, I’ll write it. :)

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One inherent problem with that plot line – hot as it might seem to you – is that two mothers with babies in strollers probably don’t have the time to fall in love with anyone.

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@janbb first, I’m not going after the hotness here, I’m more interested in other angles, like could their similar situation make them understand each other in ways their husbands can’t? Second, you don’t need time to fall in love with someone.

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In my experience, two women with young children can and do often form intensely close friendships; I just think a romantic kind of love is less likely. But hey, it’s your story so write what you like.

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