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Would you rather be taxed on how much income you make, or on how much you pollute?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2992points) November 5th, 2009

Assuming you had to be taxed for one of the two.

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I am sure I pollute a lot more than I make. We have 3 containers for waste in Concord…Yard stuff, food garbage, and recyclable. None of the cans ever fill during the week.
I don’t think I am responsible for green-house gases, though. I don’t even have a green-house.

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Interesting question. I think I’d rather be taxed by how much I polute. Then I would have a tangible reason to reduce my carbon footprint. However, I don’t know how you would measure each person’s polution output.

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how much I pollute I would pay way way less

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In my city we have a limit on how many garbage bags we can put out-5/week. -makes us think. and i would think harder if I was taxed for it.

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Taxes are unconstitutional to begin with, I’d go with taxing pollutants if anything.

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@Samurai I’d like to hear how taxes are unconstitutional.

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I would rather be taxed on how much I pollute as I would enjoy having more incentives to pollute less.

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Seems like it would be pretty much skewed towards the rich, they could afford the waste management and the systems to avoid higher taxes. Meanwhile the poor would remain poor simply because of a lack of resources.

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Global carbon dioxide tax seems like a great idea to stop air pollution.

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Tax me on my income! I don’t have a job.

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Taxes based on income.

How would you even measure how much everyone pollutes and tax appropriately?

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Pollution because I leave a little carbon footprint.

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It would very nice to tax on pollution if there was a way to keep track of it. It would cut down on pollution TREMENDOUSLY, I’m sure. Most people pollute more than they even realize in a given day (since all trash you throw out goes to a landfill). As @asmonet said though, adjustments would have to be made so that the poor aren’t taken advantage of.

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