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What do athletes do if they have to pee right before or during the big moment?

Asked by windex (2926points) November 6th, 2009

Ex. Do fighters leave the ring and come back? Does a soccer player just “hold it for 45 min? Football players leave the play?

Since they’re “professional” athletes, I’m assuming that they know by now to go before the game, but sometimes you just need to go. If they hold it, wouldn’t they piss themselves if they get hit really hard in a play? (tackle, punch…)

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I think they’re just as smart as the rest of us and use the restroom before a game/event and go during breaks in between play when they need to. It would be the same as, say, a manager going into a big meeting, they would go before and if absolutely necessary (or if there’s about to be an accident) they leave the room for a second.

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Being in the middle of a game doesn’t stop Manny Ramirez.

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My daughter was taught long ago by her coaches to take advantage of every restroom she came across, so this sort of problem will never arise.

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@buckyboy28 Didn’t stop this guy either.

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Well haven’t you wondered why sports gear smells so bad after a game? You thought it was just BO huh?

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Im a runner and it is common believe it or not but if you got to go suddenly before a race because you couldnt pee out all the bottles of water you already drank that day well…you kind of just go. Now this only happens if you definitely have to pee, if its the other well not real sure there. And if its right before you better pray you can hold it till the end. We had a girl crap herself at the end of a meet once. Embarrassing.

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Tnx all, since I’ve never seen any1 piss themselves on tv, it just made me wonder.

Personally, I would not be able to hold it during something like a triathlon.

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Professional athletes compete at a level far beyond our normal activities. They push their bodies to the max in which their bodies go into survival mode. Adrenalin, muscle power, instinct, reflexes and their brains take over as their G.I. system functions less. In other words, when the body is fighting to survive, kidney function can wait. If this high intense activity continues for a long period such as in a marathon or Iron Man Triathlon, dehydration is more of a concern than looking for a place to take a whiz.

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