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Have you ever spent a week in a tent?

Asked by NewZen (3502points) November 6th, 2009

Do you like camping and hiking? Is the tent the best part, or the worst part of the trip?

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My idea of camping is in a fifth wheel camper or as my friends called it “a holiday inn on wheels.”

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Many, many weeks. -love camping! but with age comes beds off the ground.

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Well…. I’m in the US Army…. nuff said.

Tents are awesome!

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In the military. It’s nice, especially when it snows. Though, the frost on the ceiling is less so when it rains all over you.

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Not a big camping person. I like hiking, but not really camping. Never spent more than one night. My friends and I set up this camping trip on Mt. Tam and we had a lot of fun, but we didn’t actually end up sleeping there…lol

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I lived in a tent for 2 months when I was pregnant with my second child.

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I would love to spend a week in a tent =) but unfortunately, my girlfriend owns 2 trailer homes, so when we do go away for the weekend, I’m not able to spend it in a tent.

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Many many times. There are some great tents out there now.

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I wish I could say I was a tent person but I just can’t bring myself to lie to you.

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@oratio ; In retrospect, it was because my first husband was bi-polar and had a crazy idea that we could save money and spend a months rent on a big tent. We were both working and I was being a “good wife.” We lived in Oregon, so plenty of campgrounds.
When I look back I wonder what the heck I was thinking! It was 1982, before cell phones, and I was 7 months pregnant and had a child who was not quite 2!

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Why in the hell would I do that?

No I have not. I’m not an outside-in-the-elements-with-the-bugs-and-animals type of woman.

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i’m a big fan of camping and tents provide the necessary shelter but i really don’t like staying in them

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I love camping.

and it’s not considered camping unless you have a tent!

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I enjoy it. Wish i could go camping more often actually. Only thing that sucks is, since my accident ive had to bring some kind of air mattress or my back is majorly fucked in the morning. I kind of feel like im cheating :(

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Yes, mos def!! Camping once during a 3 week cross country roadtrip stands as one of my favorite vacations ever… For me, I truly enjoy sleeping in a tent, it’s almost magical in fact.

I recently rediscovered this passion, while hiking in the Northern Cascades in WA. Being out there, in the great vastness of the wilderness, was cathartic and a return to my true spirit. Although I only got to spend 1 night out there, it was an unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to return… I never feel “at home” as profoundly as when I am in the woods.

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I have spent a night or two in a tent but no more than that. When camping as a kid we always had a 5th wheel camper. Dad would set the tent up for us because we always begged him to. We’d stay in it half the night usually before going in the camper where the potty, the a/c and our beds were. We had a small satellite dish too. Kind of defeats the point of camping, but we had fun. Camped a few times with Girl Scouts in a tent-much prefer the camper.

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I love it, but I agree with @faye – we like to have our cots and mattresses in the tent. The one we use is big enough for us and the dogs and has screen sides that slope inward so if you wake up at night you can look up and see trillions of stars. I particularly like to camp in the middle of nowhere, not in campgrounds. I love cooking over an open fire, I really do like the whole scene. But we have extra battery power in the car so we can run some modern conveniences such as the laptop to watch a movie and I have a usb modem so we can even fluther if we are in cell phone range but there is a lot of country here that isn’t covered.

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As long as the tent is high enough that I can change clothes while kneeling- then I’m golden. I hate bivy sacks. ugh.

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I love love to camp, hitchhike, bike, and hike for several months. Yes I have spent many weeks in tents or building my own shelter. Im an eagle scout. Be Prepared. I wanted to travel and camp since I was a scout? How much would traveling frugally cost me for 6 months if anyone has done it?

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The tent is the worst part. Practice putting it up and down before you go camping. They can be tricky. It will save frustration when your in the woods and you know exactly how to put it up. If your driving in to a campground in a park or something you can bring more comforts. I usually get a bale of hay or straw from a farmer and put it under my tent. You can get air matrressee or foam pads to go under the sleeping bags. If you hiking in you will not be carrying hay bales, or air matresses just the basics because that stuff is heavy. If the weather is clear try sleeping out in the open under the stars.

This time of year is my favorite time to camp. The leaves are pretty. Its just a chilly enought to enjoy a fire with a sweatshirt or light jacket. Roast marshmallows. Have fun!

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I love camping, hiking, backpacking and even passing out in the woods. I’ve spent a week or more in a tent or sleeping under the stars, multiple times and it is my heaven on earth!

@jonsblond – Amen!
@mcbealer – Next time you’re out here in the Cascades, can I go with…please? :)
@buster – If you get out West and want to backpack or camp…

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@forestGeek ~ you betcha :0)

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Yes, I enjoy camping… as long as I have access to flush toilets and a hot shower (those are ‘modern’ conveniences that can not do without). Oh, and now that I’m 40+ an air mattress is also a must (especially if I am camping with a partner… the knees and the back prefer cushioning when getting busy).

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I’ve spent much longer than just a week in a tent. I have not been camping in a while though. It isn’t nearly as pleasant in the east as it is out west. I love camping in Colorado, Idaho Montana and California. But out east there are too many ticks and mosquitoes, and I hate using DEET.

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I haven’t been camping for years and years, but once spent almost a week camping in a tent. What I learned that week is that one or two nights in a tent is fun. After that, it gets old. By the end of the week, I would have paid anything to ditch the tent and find a hotel.

There were bathrooms with showers, but hot water was practically non-existent. It just wasn’t fun after a while. I’d be up for a night of camping again, but after that I’d be ready to go home!

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A tent is one thing, but really roughing it, with no water or electricity is the kicker!
Ahh, the pleasures of crapping in a hole you dug yourself…

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@Clair – it’s good for your quads! (the crapping in a hole part)

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@rooeytoo Riiight, and all that dirty water and red meat must be good for my stomach because I can’t stop crapping!

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@Clair heheheh, I recognize that scenario. Just pray the tp holds out. And if you can find a fallen tree, often a fork in the branches makes a comfortable seat with a back!

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I love camping and used to go quite a lot. I currently own three tents, ranging from a “two-man” contraption that only works if the two men are very good friends, on up to a dome tent that actually measures six feet tall in the center. I have also lived in old, musty, canvas tents, and one trip even used a “one-man” tent (basically a wrapper for a mummy bag).

While I have gone wilderness camping, I must admit I do like it when there are hot showers and flush toilets.

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Seems more of a life time

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I have camped in a tent for a week at a time many times. Ive done it with my kids, or with friends. It is awesome. I highly recommend it. I’m a car camper, which means, pack whatever you think you need into your car, and then pack whatever else you want, drive to your spot and set up. It’s not exactly roughing it, but still a great time.

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ILike many others who responded, I love camping. I once travelled by wagon train (really, a group of mule-drawn covered wagons!) from Tucson to Denver and back again. We left Tuscon in late August, got to Denver in October, and returned to Tucson by December. We travelled through tht day either by horseback or on the wagons, and slept in tipis.

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