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What's the freakiest/scariest thing you thought you've seen?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) November 8th, 2009

One time when I was driving on 71 North between Columbus and Cleveland, I thought I got off the exit to go to Mansfield, but it was the wrong exit, basically the middle of no where. So when I realized I was not at the right place (off some old country road with lots of trees around) another car came by from the opposite direction and was turning. And when my headlights it the eyes of the people in the other car, their eyes lit up like animals do in the dark. Or, at least I that’s what I thought I saw. Anything weird or crazy or scary ever happen to you guys?

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A ghost.

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A dead body being carried out of a sleazy resident hotel.

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@NewZen please explain!
@The_Compassionate_Heretic yeah thats sick, one time I saw a body in the middle of a road next to an accident the state troopers were cleaning up.

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I swore I saw a body in a tree in the woods late at night. Even after I got really close to it, it still looked like a body. I finally figured out it was the play of moonlight on an oddly shaped tree limb. Fucking freaked me out!

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I was out in Walsenburg Co, and I went to the grocery store, to grab some more little snacks, for my road trip. Well, I was talking to one of the locals and I thought her whole eye went black. But I think that there are aliens out there, because I swear the cashier did the same creepy eye thing. There were no whites on their eyes for a brief moment.

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lol…lots of paranormal questions today. Good. I’m fascinated by the paranormal, even though I have yet to have a real paranormal experience.

The freakiest things I’ve “seen” have been in my dreams.

But as for real life, I’ve seen a few. One time I saw a white ghostly hand at my window at night. The shades were open and I saw this ghostly white hand moving by. I just about had a heart attack. I got closer and realized it was the reflection of a mulberry leaf from the mulberry tree blowing in the wind and it was dimly reflected, so it just looked white. Freaky.

Another time, I walked into a room in my vacation home at Lake Tahoe and I saw a big black spider about 3 inches across with a big fat body. I’ve never seen anything so terrifying. I was too scared to even scream, I just stood there motionless with my mouth open and quickly ran the hell away from there.

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I see animals and people that aren’t there on the side of the road.
Mainly at night.

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@rangerr how do you know they aren’t there?

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@LKidKyle1985 Because when I drive by and do a double take, they aren’t there.

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@rangerr now that is creepy

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@all You guys are giving me goosebumps!

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removed by me

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A FRIZZER under the pool
That was some freaky stuff…

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I remember one time I was driving on a very dark country road. No lights, no houses, no signs of life. I glanced over into a wooded area on my right and could’ve swore I seen a man. A very scary looking man with eyes that lit up like an animals. I tried to look back but seen nothing but darkness. Freaky shit.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Did he have a hat? Mine always do.

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My ex girlfriend.

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@rangerr Oh of course he did!

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Like that Indiana Jones/old man fedora type one?

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Ah, so I am not the only person to see the lite up eyes! I wondered what monster/creature that could be. I was kind of hoping for vampire.

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@rangerr oh my god. My guy is the same as your guy.

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I was driving home to Monterey after visiting my grandmother in Santa Cruz. It was very late, I was very tired, and the fog was so thick the visibility was maybe 10 ft., at best. I’m claustrophobic and the fog was giving me the willies, not to mention that I was drowsy and kept nodding off.

Suddenly I saw a flash of fur coming towards my car just a microsecond before BOOM my car hit it. Needless to say I was immediately awake, but freaked out because I didn’t know what it was. It didn’t seem like a dog, and out there in the boonies around Watsonville it could have been anything. I was so freaked I kept driving. I know, I know: I should be arrested. But I was so freaked I was afraid if I stopped that something would grab me and drag me away into the fog.

For days afterwards I scoured the local papers for any sign of someone being hit along the road.

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Here’s something I thought was pretty freaky. My boyfriend and I were in San Diego this summer and one night, we were driving around for about half an hour trying to find a bathroom (it was terrible—I was driving and I felt really bad, but there was just nothing and all those stupid one-way streets were confusing me) and I saw this cat at a gas station and took a picture of it and this is what happened.

I’m curious as to how that happened exactly.

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I also had an incident, where a guy asked me, if I had $5 to spare, well, at the time I did, so I gave it to him. I turned around to pick up my phone, and he was gone. There wasn’t enough time for him to run anywhere, because I would have heard him. Well, he was gone. I have no clue what he is, but it freaked me out.

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@shego It was Jesus. You’re going to heaven. Congratulations.

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@PapaLeo I try to help others when I can. I was told by somebody, that it could be an angel, or as you said Jesus. But it still freaked me out.

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When it was a foggy night in Virginia, I was going home like usual. My road is flanked with huge trees and it’s awful scary looking at night. Anyway, out of the mist flapped this huge snowy white owl. It was kind of backpedaling, with its wings, and it scared me half to death. the eyes… I can’t look at owls. They scare me too much.

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One time when I was a kid, me and my brother were swimming in the pool, and some owl landed on our neighbors house and my brother started crying. (sorry had to share a owl story)

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@DominicX – D: is it scary? I’m scared to look at the link.

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It’s actually funny. It just boggles my mind a bit, though. :)

Look how dark the picture is. That was a full-blown flash there. The whole area should’ve been lit up. But for some reason, the picture is really dark except for the cat’s eyes. I don’t get it!

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@DominicX ; Okay. ^^ Thank you.

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@DominicX I get that when I shine my flashlight out at the back of my yard when the dog is barking. I have no idea what lives out there, but from the smell I get from time to time, I think it was a family of skunks. I haven’t smelled it lately.

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@LKidKyle1985 I don’t have to explain anything… I am the ghost of Zen, writing from the body of NewZen. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Seroiusly… ahem, I think I saw a ghost one night – it was windy, and it was a clothesline, but I’m still pretty sure it was surreal.

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Something paranormal, and I don’t like to talk about it. It’s unusual, and most people would think I was insane.

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When I was a kid we were playing with my friends out in the street and a guy got hit by a bus and there was blood everywhere. It was not exactly scary, but it was shocking in a way.

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There used to be a homeless guy in Buckhead, Atlanta with no mandible (cancer I assume).

His jaw and mouth hung down so he looked like the mask in the film ‘Scream’.

I’m usually quite good at resisting the instinct to stare or gasp at such things but he caught me completely off guard more than once.

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Screenshot or it didn’t happen! Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen was a homeless woman that was into voodoo drench herself with her own urine in the street (Not like pissing in her pants, but showering herself with a bucket full of it). She always came in to the store and we never knew why she smelled so badly, that day I found out.

Ps. @Psychedelic_Zebra, I noticed your avatar before, but didn’t say anything because you changed it soon after. You do know my avatar is copyrighted, right? Do we have a intellectual property lawyer in the room? You’re welcome to buy the rights to my avatar, I’ll even edit out the ugly guy for you :D

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I was going through a very religious time in my life a few years ago (I was reading the bible a lot, praying, going to church meetings, watching a lot of the GOD channel etc…. I gave up drinking and smoking etc….) After a couple of weeks I started to wake up at 3:06am exactly every morning for four days on the run, the fifth day before going to sleep thought I felt something sitting on my legs and I couldn’t move them for a few seconds. I woke up again that night at 3:06am experienced sleep paralysis again but this time I saw a black shadow that look a little like those black ink blot tests that people give you… it was at the end of my bed…looked like it had wings, but was there watching me, I was so frightened, but because I couldn’t move the only thing I could do was to close my eyes and try to go back to sleep and pretend it wasn’t there.

I suspect there is a perfectly rational explanation for it but it seemed very real and very scary and at the time I thought it was the devil trying to win my soul over… it was a very strange time for me

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Sometimes at night when I go downstairs to use the bathroom, I step off the stairs into the living room and I see a kid standing there in front of the window by the entertainment center. But then I just blink and it’s gone. I’m pretty sure it’s just my imagination and constant exhaustion teaming up on me, and not anything supernatural. There isn’t any kind of local history that would explain it. Not to mention, it only gives me a little bit of a start; I never get any kind of creepy feelings about it.

@LKidKyle1985: Maybe your animal-eyed people are werecreatures!

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One time me and my friend were on an interstate near Houston, Texas. Traffic had been stopped for HOURS and we couldn’t see anything. When it finally started moving we found out/saw that there was a horrible motorcycle accident…the bike was there, and there was a heap of what looked like a seriously mangled body and tons of blood around it. I’m not sure if it was actually the body or just clothes, but it fucking freaked me out. It was really really sad and I looked it up later, and both people on the motorcycle had died, so who knows. Eek.

One time I was pretty sure I saw a dead body on the road near my house. It looked like a body wrapped in an old dirty blanket. Now I’m pretty sure it was a bag of garbage but when I saw it in the middle of the night I went crazy!

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@DominicX Here’s a quick explanation of the cat’s eyes thing.
One night I was walking my dogs & Zoe, the oldest one, ran up in the woods. I called her & kept going. A couple minutes later, I turned around & shone the flashlight back to see a pair of glowing eyes. I yelled for her to come, & after a moment, the eyes(and their owner, I assume:-)) went into the ditch & up into the woods. Then Zoe appeared from a different direction, too close for those eyes to have been hers. The next day, a neighbor called to let me know that they had had an odd-acting coyote hanging around in their yard, in broad daylight, not acting scared or shy at all when they went out to chase it off. I guess what I saw was the coyote following us. Rabid? I don’t know, nobody saw it again after that.

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When you see eyes that light up, usually this is simply the eyes of an animal. It’s funny, all animals have eyes that will reflect light back at you. I’ve seen full grown deer with this eye effect, and although deer are basically harmless, it really makes them seem malevolent.

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@deni, a guy I know who is a firefigther and used to seeing things like dead bodies told me that most of the time, a dead body doesn’t look like a body at all, especially one that has died in horrific way. So if it looks like a body, it isn’t. If it doesn’t look like a body, then it probably is. Now there’s a scary thought.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Yes! Thats what was so scary about it. It didn’t look like what a body should look like but it looked like what a body COULD look like in a really horrific situation. I will never forget that.

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@shego I wonder what Jesus would do with 5 dollars.

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@LKidKyle1985 He would give it to someone who really needed it!
Or get a burger.

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I was kinda hoping he’d buy a phone card so he could prank call the pope.

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My dad took me camping a long time ago, near a beach. During the night I was walking on the shore, and all of a sudden, I see a tall, thin and nude man slowly walking towards me from the lake.
I freaked the hell right out and turned around to run away but lol I fell. With all the commotion I made, I scared the hell out of this long legged aquatic bird which I thought was a man. It flew off.
But in the darkness, and from slightly far away it really did look like some pallid old dude. :/

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@LKidKyle1985 very funny.

I have one scary and one freaky to share. the freakiest thing I ever saw was the morning after I saw the Cirque Du Soleil movie that was played in an IMAX, Journey of Man. It had this one part where there were water type people. I was half awake and I heard my door open. I SWEAR I thought I saw one of them blue people come into my room and when I woke up it ran away into the bathroom and took a shower. Might have been my mom, but it freaked me out completely.
The scary one was on my way home from dinner. I saw ambulances and doubled back to see what happened. There was a workman up in a tree cutting down branches in town and something happened that killed him. He was still hooked up high in the tree and he was bent backwards, like, in half. They couldn’t figure out how to get him down. You could see the emergency people on the ground trying to figure it out. I’ve been to one funeral, I’ve only been present for one pet’s death, and I hope I never see what I saw ever, ever again.

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