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Why do we find it necessary to joke around with the people we are comfortable with?

Asked by aaronheaberlin808 (69points) November 9th, 2009

Ok i was contemplating this; Why do we find it necessary to joke around and give the people we love and care about “a hard time” ? This might be a little difficult to understand i’m not sure. But i know personally that once i have accepted someone as a friend that i feel almost compelled to give them hell sometimes when i’m around them. Any ideas on this? Or is there some psychological theory as to why we do this?

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Usually it’s because we’re too uncomfortable to express our true feelings of affection or comradery.

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Is that like in sixth grade the boy who likes you punches you in the arm a lot?

I don’t give people hard times I don’t think. I am sarcastic sometimes, but I do that with everyone. This might be a gender thing, I bet more males do this than females.

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I don’t know if I find it necessary, but I avoid joking around with people I am not friends with or do not know very well because I don’t know how they’ll react and it could be negative. Once I get to know a person, I know that I can joke around with them without them being seriously bothered by it and so when an opportunity to do so comes up, I can do it instead of pass it up like I would with someone I don’t know too well.

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thanks, but like you said DominicX why are we compelled to joke with these people in the first place? Why do we even want to joke with these people who we call friends?

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Why not?

It’s something humans do; we make jokes, we try to be funny, we kid around, we make people laugh. Sometimes that involves poking fun at another person.

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2 sides to this..
first, animals like dogs and cats bite and scratch to play. The human animal bites and scratches verbally, but it is important for bonding.

secondly, you may simply not know how to deal with your anger very well or you may simply not understand why people behave in ways that aggravate you. you should spend some time learning what is normal for humans so that you aren’t shocked when someone fails to behave exactly according to your standards.

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Because it’s fun and being serious is lame.

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I think it has something to do with wanting to help them get over their insecurities. Some people take simple jokes very poorly and react in ways that would not be appreciated by many people. When close friends joke with a person and poke at their insecurities, sometimes it is just to help heal those wounds or make them get over the thing that was causing them to be insecure.

It is along the same lines as someone who gets over their fear of spiders or snakes by being exposed to spiders or snakes in a safe environment. The more often someone hears a dumb joke, the less likely they are to react poorly to that type of teasing.

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I don’t think I feel compelled. For me, when I find people on my wavelength, so many things can be laughed at or about. Laughter feels so good.

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because you can’t joke with your boss or other people you aren’t comfortable with,.

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Joking around can be an ice breaker which opens the avenues for much deeper conversations.

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I joke with everyone with no prejudice!

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