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Did the progressives really fail?

Asked by cyn (6913points) November 10th, 2009

As I was searching this question on various sites, the people that answered no didn’t have any explanation as to why the progressives failed. As to what I understand, the progressives have made many movements that have shaped our community. Why do some people say that they failed?

BTW:I’m debating on this topic and need various information about this. I have to argue that the progressives did not fail. Links that would help me to understand the progressives and that prove that they did not fail will be appreciated.
P.S. if you’re going to answer this question, please give an explanation as to why you stand on that side.

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No, of course not. Very often the progressives succeeded and will continue to succeed. Have a look at this article

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Fail at what exactly? With a little bit more focus to the question you might get some more specific answers and more valid arguments.

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The only thing I’ve ever agreed with the US political commentator Chris Mathews on was the statement he made that the future is liberal.

Unions, social security, the 40-hour work week and so on were part of the progressive movement, and thought they didn’t happen immediately, these things did come to pass. People expect instant change; well, it doesn’t happen that way.

It took well over 100 years, for example, for non-white Americans and women to achieve legal parity in terms of voting and anti-discrimination. It doesn’t mean to stop agitating for what’s right, but it does mean that when one does, one must realize that they’re in it for the long haul, and maybe the fight will have to go on even after they’re gone.

Sometimes it takes the law changing before people’s hearts and minds will change. Can you imagine anyone against the 40-hour work week now that it’s been the law for 80 years?

I still think we should have an ERA for women and LGBT people. Equal rights for every citizen!

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I think we are about to start asking did conservatives fail as they gut the Republican party.

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@galileogirl i think the conservatives have succeeded at reducing the republican party to a joke… i doubt however that was their intention.

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@Dr_C I meant they failed at

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