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Where are all the new members coming from?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25310points) November 10th, 2009

In the past week or so I have noticed a large amount of new members (much more than I usually notice). The last time I recall there being this many new members was when a number of us, myself included, migrated from Have these new members migrated from another website, is it just a coincidence that we have so many new members all of a sudden or do we usually get this many new members on a weekly basis and I just have had my eyes shut all this time (My dad calls me Mrs Observant in a vey sarcastic tone so the latter is highly likely!)

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I actually stumbled on the site from a Google search about some exercise. The concept of the site seemed pretty cool and I keep checking in every day. :)

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I found this site doing a Google search for “why i cringe at high pitch noises”... btw nothing wrong with being observant!!

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@OutOfTheBlue My problem is that I am not very observant, hence why my dad issarcastic when he calls me that!!! Most of the time I, apparently, walk around without noticing what is going on all around me!!!

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@Leanne1986 that’s a good way to get extremely personal with the vertical sides of buildings, vehicles, and light poles. Be careful out there, kiddo!

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@Psychedelic_Zebra I have found that out the hrd way on more than one occassion!

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LMAO! GETTING PERSONAL WITH WALLS!! Good one Psy, sorry i read it wrong Leanne, my ex was like that, but she was more of a klutz…

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@Leanne1986 don’t feel bad, I’ve done my fair share of not paying attention and getting an abrupt attention adjustment myself.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra I love your way with words!

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I think (I could be wrong) we have the same amount of new people as ever but thanks to the new Community Feed and the awards they are feeling more welcome and are participating more. :)

Welcome Everyone!

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@Leanne1986 thanks, you have made my day!

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google… asking some question, which I have since forgotten.

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As @Dog says, it is probably the effect of the Community Feed. Otherwise, your attention isn’t drawn to new folks unless they happen to ask a question you answer or they pick a fight.

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I have wondered about this too. I’ve noticed many new users the past month or so, before the Community Feed.

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I think it’s just a little more obvious from the community feed like @Dog and @jonsblond said. Either way welcome to Fluther guys!

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@Dr_C I think you meant @Darwin.Though I do agree that the community feed makes us more aware of new users, I still think we’ve had more users join lately. I could be wrong.

It is nice to have a bunch of new faces! =)

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Like growing up in the Bronx, I say with a mixture of sheepishness and pride that I came from SA. Go goons!

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I was googling why I’m not hungry in the morning and found @DominicX’s question and then I stayed. That was October 21st I think.

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@nxknxk We are glad you stayed. :)

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I have heard that there is a marketing code that will advance your site to the top of a google search, and I would venture a guess that our founders have started using it.

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A lot of the new members are ex answerbag users, I recognize many “faces” here.

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