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If you know about environmental issues can you suggest paper topics for me?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) November 10th, 2009

I have to write a persuasive essay on a topic with some connection to pesticides, organic farming, and/or genetic modification. Right now my only idea is food irradation and I was hoping someone had some more ideas beyond the standard stuff you hear about all the time in the news.

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Try this: Growing Power. This organization is all about sustainable urban farming. Will Allen is the founder and has won numerous awards for this project including a $1,000,000 award from the MacArthur Foundation. I hope you can find something here to help you.

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Don’t write it… to save paper and thus the rainforest. Would the teachers buy that?

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You could write about whether it is a good idea to mandate labeling of GMO’s in the US.

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I read (N.B. in Swedish) this about the environmental impact of cooking fires in undeveloped countries, with special focus on Asia. Apparently cooking fires have a previously ignored effect on global warming. It’s not really my subject, and it is in the paper, but it’s a Swedish paper discussing results of, mainly, Swedish research. Not so mainstream. Try google translate if your Swedish is rusty.

Ok, NOW I read the full question. Maybe not to much pesticides and organic farming, but still…

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Golden Rice is a great example of genetic engineering with the goal to save lives. There are some great papers cited in the References of that wikipedia page I linked – more than enough for a decent persuasive essay.

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I think food could have a connection to all of those things. Once again I’m going to promote (No, I don’t work for them, I just really, really love them.)

Watch some videos. Browse the topics and you’re bound to find something interesting.

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A good issue is the labeling of genetically modified foods. Many places have turned down simple labels that mark when food has been modified. This is to “support” farmers so they don’t lose profits. So instead of giving us an educated choice by letting us know what is modified they prefer to leave us ignorant.

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How about “The REAL cost of environmental issues” Here in California, the state offices were mandated to use only recycled paper, only to find out that the companies which supplied the paper are some of the worst polluters in the world, plus the enviornmental effects of shipping the paper was way out of proportion to the savings.

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