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how many fingers do you have?

Asked by atr408 (357points) February 11th, 2008

how many fingers do you have and how many do you wish you could have? Thumbs dont count as fingers

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i have ten thumbs.

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This is actually a good question, despite how stupid it sounds.

Like a normal human being, I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. If I had the choice, I would probably keep them the same, since they’ve been working out for me so far.

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i have 8 fingers 2 thumbs as well, but i would like a few extra… just to so i could type faster. specifically numbers.

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I have 8 fingers but wish I had 14 (one for each key on the top row of the keyboard).

Having 14 fingers and 2 thumbs means I would have 16 appendages on my hands, which would have the added benefit of making hexadecimal math a little easier.

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I’ve got the normal 8–2 combo, but I would prefer a change. I want a prehensile tail. (If you’ve ever seen a spider monkey up close, the end of their tail resembles a finger. If I had an extra finger, it’d be in the form of a tail.)

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8 fingers 2 thumbs i would also like some extra fingers but not on my hand as perchik said id like to have them located in other places. Think of the endless possibilities of being able to grab onto stuff with other parts of your body.

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Well if I had an extra three fingers on each hand I suppose I could easily count in base 16 which could come in pretty handy.

And no, I have not considered cutting off my thumbs to count in base 8.

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Oh man I just fully read sferik’s answer. Beaten to the 2^4 punch!

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uberbatman, where else could u have hands that would make living easier? If you had hands on ur ears then you’d have to bend over all the time to pick stuff up. The only places I think extra hands could come in handy would be on elbows and knees. That would make climbing easier. You’d probably be able to crawl better too. Oh yeah, who voted “great question” for me?

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I’ve got 8 and 2 also, but I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have opposable toes.

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@atr408 as you said having them on your elbows and knees would be ideal. But think about if you had an extra couple sticking out of your torso or something. Hell I could care less if I looked like some weird mutant. Think about how many times you’ve said to someone “give me a hand”. Having extra hands would definitely make my life as a waiter much easier, thats for sure.

PS “The only places I think extra hands could come in handy would be on elbows and knees.” was that pun intentional? if so nicely done lol.

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I have 8 fingers & 2 thumbs.

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Here? Or do the ones out in the truck count?

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I’m one of the very few with 2 thumbs and 8 fingers. It’s crazy running into people that have the same deal going on, as I’ve found it to be so rare in people…

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yeah i meant to say handy, it took me a few minutes to find out what to put.

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@chad: “You are unique, just like everrybody else.”

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U have 4 fingers on each hand which equal 8 duh…....

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