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How do you finish the work which is not of your interest but has to be done?

Asked by sumitnxt (103points) November 16th, 2009

how do you finish the work which is not of your interest but has to be done anyway ?

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I make up a schedule planning out what I have to do and how long it will take then I plan to do something I am interested in afterwards.

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Depends on what it is…if it’s housework, I usually do that to put off school work.

If it’s school work, I usually wait until the last minute, so I’m the last person to ask.

Maybe…have something even worse that needs to be done and do the school work instead?

Or set a timer. Like, if you have a book that needs reading, set a timer and do nothing but read for 20 minutes, then go do something else for 10 or 15 minutes. Repeat until you’re sick and tired or done.

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I get a tablet of lined paper, make a list and sometimes for each item a sub-list. It is gratifying to check off the boxes, and if I really dislike the tasks I take a magic marker and black out the whole line..effectively erasing it from memory.

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commit an hour or so to it a day, and it will eventually become a habit. I find this way is easier than committing 5hours a day before it’s due @evegrimm (shakes head in contempt). Just joking, seriously though that’s the way to do it. Less stress = HappY face.

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@sumitnxt – I gave you a “Great Question” because I need help with this too. Hoping to see some more good answers here.

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I try to get someone else to do it, especially yard work, and I often decide it doesn’t really have to be done after all. For what’s left, I try to think of some way to make it more rewarding, such as looking at vacuuming as exercise, helping me make it to my 100 birthday (in 34 years), which is new goal of mine.

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If it must be done, some responsible person will do it.

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To quote Nike (unfortunately), just do it. The longer you wait the more you don’t want to do it.

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@live_rose I kind of do what you do except after I make the plan I get distracted by something and don’t get the work down till 2 hours later.
However, I do believe that making plans is very helpful, you just have to stick to them.

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