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What is the best product or home made mixture, for getting stains out of car upholstery?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) November 16th, 2009

I have a leased car and in February I need to give it back to the Toyota Dealership, if its any constellation its a Toyota Highlander. But I have stains that my siblings got on the interior such as coffee, ketchup, soda, and other mixed assortments of liquids. I have tried two products thus far and no luck, I would like to think that there is a miracle cure somewhere out there but I just don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars that may not even work. So does anyone have a product they used and worked amazingly or perhaps a home made mixture of chemicals that also worked?

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Zep Formula 451, mixed with some water.

I used to manage a carwash and detail shop. 451 was the greatest product. Use a small brush with thick bristles to work up some foam lather, then vacuum it up.

Good luck.

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Do you have a URL for this product?

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So I did some looking, what we were buying was a wholesale-only product. If you live in Denver, St. Louis or Kansas City, get thee to the nearest Waterway and they will clean out your car.

I did find a website for you: . Zep is a chemical company that makes lots of cleaning agents. I would absolutely recommend their products. I think my experience was with a more industrial version of the stuff on this site, but boy did it work. So I would imagine that their consumer products work as well. Good luck!

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Resolve It is carpet cleaner in a spray bottle and I’ve used it to get every kind of stain out of so many things. It may take a few applications but has always come thru for me.

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I completely agree with @faye Resolve has done wonders for my car and it also comes in a more concentrated foam spray now.

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call an upholstery cleaning place….like a carpet cleaner, they make their living getting stains out…

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I meant to say Prosolve always get that wrong

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Gadzooks, the days I had a professioal cleaning biz I used Unbelievable by Core Products Co. out of Canton, Texas. Though I used it mostly on carpets it got out gresse stains, coffe, colored drinks, food dyes, etc.; and it worled fast with out a lot of elbow greese.

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