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I need Examples of Injustice in the World today?

Asked by nikolinaxitaliax (55points) November 17th, 2009

This is for a huge project and im a bit confused about the whole thing please give me some examples

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What part are you confused about, specifically?

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USA wars of aggression. Darfur Genocide. Human Trafficking, Sustainable economic practices (green energy/fair trade), climate change.

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the treatment of the palaestinians, somalia, china, tibet, embargo on cuba, republicans stalling healthcare reform, child witch hunt in africa, child labour, the world is full of them.

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i only know a few injustices such as world hunger, etc i just cant think of them all hah

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They are infinite. Some are huge and some are as small as the little old lady down the street who can’t afford her medication anymore.
If you try to do a paper about them all- you’ll get nowhere. Just pick one.

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i was thinking of doing child solgering or human trafficking

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This is an injustice to decency and good taste: ugh

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Human trafficking would be a good one. What with that poor girl this week- you’ll have a lot of fresh sources to use. What angle is your paper about?

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Well i have to pick an injustice and form a stance against it. Explain the problem and create possible solutions for it. in 4–5 pages

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Hmmm. Human trafficking may be too big of an issue to condense into only 4–5 pages. Unless you’re quite good at editing and paring down your words. On the plus side- you won’t have trouble filling up the space requirements.

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Perhaps you could focus on one region/Country where Human Trafficking is an issue. Then you won’t have 100’s of thousands of causes and solutions. Thailand/Phillipines would be a good start.

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im thiking of doing women trafficking for prostitution or secret slavery. basically like the movie ‘TAKEN”

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Me working 18 hours every day maybe?

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It sounds like you have your general idea down pat. You just need to narrow your field down a bit. You could use location or age of victims for example.

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Europe ! well i must go to my next class now thank u all i will be on later :)

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Child Soldiers in Uganda.
I wrote a 15 page essay on them earlier this semester.

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How about the fact that the people who truly know what injustice is probably don’t have access to this website.

Or the internet at all. Or a computer.

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-persecution of albinos in Africa
-lack of rights/power of citizens in Iran (and many countries)
-rape in African hotspots

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“Injustice” presupposes that there is such a thing as “justice”
what exact definition of “Justice” has your teacher instructed you to base your answers on?

If s/he hasn’t provided one, perhaps s/he assumed that your definition of justice is the same as hers/his, then you have an opportunity to make your assignment a whole lot more interesting.

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What ‘bout → Over one million children in the US goes hungry every day, in 2009.

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the healthcare crisis in this country
gay people not being able to marry
children being sold into sex slavery
girls getting their genitals cut off
the Iraq war
I could go on…

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Ketchup on a hot dog.

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@ChazMaz oh that’s one injustice I am all for

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I would suggest you read The _New York Times news and opinion pages for a few days. You will find more examples of injustice than you could possibly need. Nicholas Kristof is a particularly good columnist to read on these topics.

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Where’s @mammal on this question?

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bush and cheney still walking the streets, when both should be in prison

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The number of folks on Death Row subsequently proven innocent by DNA tests.

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Recently a police officer was shot to death here in Seattle, which was definitely a sad and tragic event. It was all over the news, there was a huge manhunt and plea for information, and there was a huge memorial for the officer. Thankfully the killer was found 3 days later. However, when an innocent, unknown civilian is killed in a similar manner, that same attention is not given to that person or their case. I understand that police officers put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect, and I respect that, but at times it just saddens me that some lives, such as police and celebrities, are perceived as more valuable than others.

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How about the skewed distribution of wealth in the world.

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Everybody is trying to keep a bald man down.

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Noone keeps the good Captain down!

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